Montreal Finds and Classic Pizza in CT

Treetop Tom
2013/10/30 14:23:17
Mrs. Treetop and I headed north for a 25th anniversary trip, spending time in Stowe, VT, Montreal QC, and Marblehead, MA.  Three Roadfood-worthy adventures were among the highlights (sorry for the photo quality, or, more correctly, lack thereof):
In Montreal, we ate at Le Gros Jambon (“The Big Ham”), a lunch-counter/diner run by hipsters just south of the Basilica of Notre Dame in Vieux Montreal, but which looked and felt as if it was imported from Main Street of any little town in America. 

The poutine was excellent, but the real winner was the burger with smoked meat, which was a sensory delight.  All washed down with a sugar-sweetened bottle of Coca Cola, naturally.

Later that evening we walked to Montreal’s Chinatown just to try its famous Dragon’s Beard Candy.  The stall was so small we initially walked right past it. 

Hand-pulled microfibers of sugar syrup floss wrapped around a mixture of peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, chocolate and coconut.  I was in sweet tooth heaven.  Definitely worth trying if you can find any of the few places that still makes it.

On the way home from Marblehead, we stayed in Norwalk, CT, so, of course, we had to try a pizza at Letizia’s.  We got there early and I’m glad we did because soon after we arrived the Friday night regulars started spilling out the door to pick up their carryout orders.  The counterman knew every person who came in the door by name and recited their order without referring to any notes that I could see.  These people really are regulars.

The large fresh tomato pie was classic thin crust – in fact, it was probably the thinnest crust I have ever eaten, but not soggy at all with a nice crisp to the edges.  Hard to argue that it wasn’t one of the best pizzas I ever ate.

After a quick stop at Stew Leonard’s (who can resist Stew's?), it was back to Charm City.  All in all, a good trip, long needed.
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Re:Montreal Finds and Classic Pizza in CT 2013/10/30 14:44:07
I don't have much of a sweet tooth but the poutine, smoked meat sandwich, and pizza all look first-rate!
Treetop Tom
Re:Montreal Finds and Classic Pizza in CT 2013/11/01 11:03:12

I don't have much of a sweet tooth but the poutine, smoked meat sandwich, and pizza all look first-rate!

The candy itself is quite sweet and I found it to my liking, but the Mrs. was less impressed.  Much of the fun is in watching it being made, which is quite impressive.  See the video:
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