Just starting out...need some help!!!

Junior Burger
2013/11/02 14:09:29
Hi:) my husband and I are looking to start a food truck business and we are just in the beginning stages of our plan. We live in Nassau County Long Island Ny. I want to have a gourmet "mobile" kitchen specializing in fresh, organic and local ingredients. I would like to purchase produce from the local farmers markets, etc. However, I just received the letter from the health dept saying I can only purchase food from a licensed commissary?? The commissary is pretty crappy and just has garbage.... So is our dream hopeless!!! Is there a way to purchase and sell fresh local ingredients or are we out of luck??thanks in advance for any help!!!
Junior Burger
Re:Just starting out...need some help!!! 2014/01/15 12:41:30
I would call them up and speak with them personally, the only reason why I say this is b/c if your purchasing items from a legitimate Farmers Market they are regulated and have to fill out forms just like we do in our business.  My HD requires a receipt for items that aren't purchased through a commissary, just my .02
Re:Just starting out...need some help!!! 2014/02/03 19:58:19
I know that Restaurants have to follow the same rules and regulations (or vice versa) as food trucks etc.. But I know of local restaurants who's chefs or the owners them selfs who shop at local farmers markets to purchase fresh organic produce for their restaurant. (This is becoming a very popular trend here in Cali) Are restauranteurs allowed to shop at certain Farmers markets like a Certified Farmers Market perhaps? What gives? Anyone know?   
Junior Burger
Re:Just starting out...need some help!!! 2014/02/16 00:58:03
That seams like BS. where are you located?
Junior Burger
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Re:Just starting out...need some help!!! 2014/05/19 15:55:30
It seems like to me someone just doesn't want you to be sourcing local.
I would say if restaurants can source local from farmers and farmers markets, food trucks should be able to do the same.
If you ever having trouble finding something sourced locally, what I do is use this new website agrilicious.org and search my area to find what local farmers and farmers markets have to offer.
I hope you guys are able to source locally because eating local food is way healthier for your customers.
Hope all works out for you.