Rice Krispies Treats

2013/11/03 00:34:57
What do you folks think about the Rice Krispies Treats. I like how easy they are to make in their simple form, and also how many varieties you can make.

I found these two pages, each with 50 fun twists on the classic. I thought others here might be interested.
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Re:Rice Krispies Treats 2013/11/03 00:49:56
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Love 'em!  One of the few desserts that I never get tired of eating and am always in the mood to eat.  I usually make mine with a few tablespoons of Peanut Butter & Co.'s Smooth Operator PB mixed into the melted marshmallows & butter and sometimes I'll add milk or dark chocolate chips in as I'm mixing it all together.  Another thing I like to do is to butter or spray a drinking tall drinking glass with cooking spray and use to tamp down/roll out the treats in the Pyrex pan to make them tight whcih results in a crispier end product. 
can't stand the pre-made versions in a box or at a restaurant/bakeshop.  The boxed one have some kind of waxy film on them that just feels weird in my mouth.  I can't see paying the markup for a bakery version of something that is so incredibly easy to make at home for far less money. 
Re:Rice Krispies Treats 2013/11/03 10:03:10
I also love them, but don't like the ones from the store. They do leave a weird film on my mouth too, and they don't taste like they have the mix right. I disagree about quality ones made by small bakeries, as they often do fun flavors that I wouldn't have tried myself. I'm good at baking, so I could make many things I'd get from a baker cheaper at home, so I don't see the Rice Krispies Treats as any different in that regard.
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Re:Rice Krispies Treats 2014/03/02 12:23:48
I love them and could eat a whole pan by myself.  I also love peanut butter ones that are covered with chocolate or the caramel chocolate ones.
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Re:Rice Krispies Treats 2015/01/10 05:40:09
Best one that is.