Commercial Smokers

Junior Burger
2013/11/04 09:28:12
I'm currently evaluating commercial smokers, and I hope to find the best combination of value, volume, and quality.
I've cooked on all types of smokers (gravity feed, pellet, vertical, Texas style, etc.), but one area I do not have a lot of experience with is commercial smokers. Being that a commercial smoker can cost a great deal I thought I would get some of your opinions/pros. vs. cons of your favorite smokers, and evaluate the best value for me.
Some smokers I've been evaluating are:Southern Pride (very nice, also very expensive), Cook Shack (nice less expensive), Viking (nice, but a little small).
Does anyone have any experience working with these, or others, and how do you like them?
How is the quality of the product they produce? 
Thank you in advance!
Junior Burger
Re:Commercial Smokers 2013/11/06 20:18:48
I have purchased from Southern Pride a new SC-200-SM.  These electric smokers of course use electric heat with a wood smoke enhancement.  This was about the only smoker I could purchase in order to sell smoked foods where I live (Nova Scotia, Canada).  I don't think you could get an easier smoker to run, plus Southern Pride is excellent on customer service.  I am not sure what restrictions you have in the US as to what type of heat you are allowed to use for smoking.  All in all, a child could run this smoker, it is easy to clean and you can stuff a few hundred pounds in it.
Re:Commercial Smokers 2013/11/06 23:05:28
Southern Pride - Is expensive, but you are paying for quality and ease of convience (sic).  They are reliable, easy to use, built to last, and produce fantastic product.
Cooh Shack - Again easy to use, not as well built as SP, but will last a long while, produce great product.
If the choice is between those two, it comes down to this....
They are both "pick up trucks" one is a dodge the other a chevy, do you prefer dodge or chevy?
The SPs use fire place size logs and gas to achieve their smoke and heat
Cookshacks use Food grade pellets for both smoke and heating
The SPs you can use as a gas oven without the wood for baking and such so you have a multi purpose piece of equipment, but if you do use them as a gas oven they will still impart a smoiness to your finihsed product (a trade off)
What are you planning to do with this smoker?  permanent or mobile?
just bbq or oven also?  large volume or smaller amounts?