New pie themed Rick Sebak show for PBS

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2013/11/05 13:47:09
I saw on twitter last night that Rick Sebak of our local PBS station WQED is working on a new program. The title:  A Few Good Places to Get a Piece of Pie!  And it's not even my birthday!  Some of you may know Rick Sebak from such shows as Sandwiches That You Will Like, An Ice Cream Show and A Hot Dog Program.  I am assuming this will be a national show and not just focus on local places, but his twitter feed shows a beautiful slice of (I assume) coconut pie from Grant's Bar in nearby Millvale.
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Re:New Rick Sebak show for PBS 2013/11/06 00:18:35
Will you be featured in a starring role as "BB, The Ultimate Pie Monster"???
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Re:New Rick Sebak show for PBS 2013/11/06 08:18:15
No, nothing like that.  But, I will be very curious to see which pie shops and restaurants get highlighted.  BTW, have you ever been to Grant's Bar in Millvale?  I have driven past many times, but never actually eaten there.  Lokking at that slice of pie, it is now high on my to do list!
Re:New Rick Sebak show for PBS 2013/11/06 11:24:41
I saw that slice of Coconut Cream Pie and immediately added Grant's Bar to my 'have to do when I finally get beck to the 'Burgh' list.....  I also saw the photo of Grant's Bar and realized that I had eaten there many times when I was a kid, but that is when every restaurant was rated on how their grilled cheese sandwich with fries was...  I had a very uneducated palate growing up....
I have amassed an almost complete collection of Rick's collection of documentaries about the Pittsburgh area - - mostly via Ebay - - and I thought it was a true omen, when the first DVD I purchased was "Things that are no longer there" got popped into my player and I was shocked to see my dad in the opening scenes of the show - - quite fitting since he is no longer here....  Lots of great memories are rekindled when I watch his programs...
Re:New Rick Sebak show for PBS 2013/11/06 14:04:00
If he does as good of a job as he did with his other shows, it will be excellent (and it will cover the high points from all around North America).