I Miss Freddie's hamburgers and fries

Junior Burger
2013/11/05 23:52:04
I used to hit the one in Littleton, CO almost every week in summer despite not being a big fan of fast food. Their burgers sported an edge crispness that cracked open to beefy flavor--much tastier than I would've expected a thin patty to be. And the heaping pile of thin french fries cut so finely that it seemed impossible to run out of them (but I always ate every one). Prices were decent, too. They beat all other fast-food burgers hands-down, IMO.
Wish we had one here on the Olympic Peninsula. I know it's too much to ask for. *sigh*
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:I Miss Freddie's hamburgers and fries 2013/11/06 08:21:42
You might contact them and ask if they are going to put one in your area. They do have a website and should have contact information.
We have one in Selma by me, but it isn't always convient to go there for lunch. Maybe when I get offf work at TJMAXX Saturday,I can go there. Never been to a place that served shoestring fries before. The burgers are good.I still need to try their custard.
Re:I Miss Freddie's hamburgers and fries 2013/11/08 07:22:56
I've read that Freddie's is looking to expand and franchises are available.  Where I live (Southeastern PA), they opened up in the past year.  The guy was visiting Kansas and saw this place near the university doing a big business and decided to try it.  He liked it so much, he got a franchise and opened his own.