Nathan's: Some things can't be duplicated!

2013/11/08 07:11:41
I just read Michael Stern's review of Nathan's in Coney Island.  I agree with everything he said.  However, what he says does not apply - not at all - to any of those fast food chain outlets which carry the Nathan's name and also sell grilled hot dogs.  Grilling hot dogs is not rocket science but somehow only THE Nathan's manages to do it.  Fast food Nathan's is crap.  Not sure what the business arrangement is between Nathan's and the chain of the same name but whoever made the deal should not have allowed the name of a good Roodfood restaurant to be put on a bunch of crappy fast food outlets.
Curiously enough, just in the next block is a ballpark, home of the minor league Brooklyn Cyclones of the NY-Penn league.  They also sell "Nathan's hot dogs" at the ballpark.  Not nearly as good and about twice the price.  The ability to make a good hot dog can't even travel a block or so.  If you go to a ballgame, get a hot dog at the real Nathan's before and after.