2013/11/23 08:50:26
Gus's chicken of Memphis has opened a location in Nashville (Brentwood actually). I have not been to the original (yet), but stopped in here on a recent trip. All I can say is - OMG. That is the best fried chicken that I have ever eaten. At first bite, I thought that the heat level was at the upper edge of my tolerance, but after the first couple bites, my taste buds became adjusted to it (I have had Nashville Hot Chicken and it was too hot for me) and I was in love. I have to return to Nashville next month and I can't wait to have this again!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Gus's 2013/11/23 09:16:25
Thanks so much for the report!  It is good to hear that there is no decline in quality from Memphis to Nashville. 
The location in downtown Memphis was a highlight of the recent Roadfood bus tour.  Many of the tour participants agreed with you that it was the best fried chicken they had ever eaten, also.