Sad news for Scott's BBQ in SC...

Double Cheeseburger
2013/11/30 08:50:47
I'm headed to Myrtle Beach next Wednesday and was going here the next day. I even know Rodney and feel for the family.
Re:Sad news for Scott's BBQ in SC... 2013/12/01 08:50:59
OMG - you scared me!" />
I thought something had happened to the owner, Rodney Scott a young man who brings such joy, dedication, and skill to his craft and Calling. 
(BTW: If this Texan had to choose between Rodney Scott and Aaron Franklin, it's Scott without a further thought).

Fire Safety Admin
Re:Sad news for Scott's BBQ in SC... 2013/12/04 22:50:29
This is bad news, but it could have been much, much worse.  Long live Scott's BBQ, one of the greats!
Re:Sad news for Scott's BBQ in SC... 2013/12/17 10:19:54
Sad, yes...but I don't think they missed any business.
It's hard for some folks to believe, but many times in an old bbq business the pits are somewhat expendable.  Some people have secondary pits...others have portable pits.  These things burn up more often than you realize...
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Sad news for Scott's BBQ in SC... 2014/01/21 15:13:55
That's just awful of me not to follow up on this thread...
Yesterday, I had the huge pleasure of having some of Rodney Scott's BBQ in Atlanta.  Jim n' Nick's has been sponsoring, and providing catering supplies, for Scott to set up "pop-up shops" on a tour to raise money to rebuild his pits.  It's called the Rodney in Exile tour, and he'll be stopping in the following cities over the next couple of weeks:
1/23: Nashvillle, at Husk
1/27: Oxford, at Lamar Lounge
1/29: New Orleans, at Cochon
2/1: Birmingham, at the original location of Jim 'n Nick's
2/4: Charleston, at No. 5 Faber
I visited Scott's in Hemingway in the fall of 2012 and it was stunningly good.  What I had yesterday was not quite the same as my memories tell me (the sauce was definitely less lethal), but it was still completely amazing.  If you are in these areas, definitely look into attending one of the events!
Re:Sad news for Scott's BBQ in SC... 2014/01/22 10:10:38
I might attend Feb 4.  If Sam is cooking, I'll be there.