Thanksgiving, 2013

Double Cheeseburger
2013/12/12 09:14:38

Hey Gang
Well after trying to do this last week and losing my entire post merely words before I was to post it, I finally got this finished. After loosing all my work for a second time that is. Y'all really need a "Save" feature.

Anyway, we made our annual visit to the In-laws over the holidays and, as I usually do, I’m here to post my food related findings.
We left on Sunday afternoon and stayed overnight in Windsor, On. We found a cool little place down town called South Detroit. The name is Windsor’s nickname as this is one of only 2 places where you actually head north into the US from Canada.
Anyway, not exactly a road food place but trying to walk the fine line between there and a bistro.

The place is supposed to be like eating/drinking in a barrel house. Rather industrial looking and dark. It’s actually quite nice. The menu is both simple and ambitious. Offering dishes like Duck Fried Rice and using ingredients like Bacon Marmalade.
We opted for a variety of things which included the rice, Mac n Cheese, cups of Gumbo and Clam Chowder as well as a Turducken (burger) which had duck crisps (duck chicharones) turkey bacon, chicken breast and smoked mayo.

While everything was good there was nothing that really WOWed us. The best of the lot was the Rubber Ducky (burger) which was a beef patty topped with cheddar, a waffle cut fry and smothered in duck gravy. Really quite good.
The next morning Mrs. Sippi got to choose our next meal. Having breezed through the boarder we sort of ended up in no man’s land. A bit late for breakfast but too early for lunch. She had seen IHOP commercials featuring some pancake concoctions for the holidays. She hadn’t been since she moved up to Canada and I hadn’t been in 20+ years.
I wasn’t thrilled but ceded and we stopped in Toledo. I opted for the Eggnog Pancakes with bacon, eggs and hash browns.

The standard breakfast fare was fine. You have to work to screw up bacon and eggs. As for the pancakes, they were tough. Ya, tough pancakes. How much does that suck?? Anyway, the condiments they used weren’t too bad and had they been on a good platform would probably have been pretty serviceable. Sadly , we now remember why neither of us has been to IHOP in ages.
We ended up pushing straight on through to my SIL’s and ate dinner there. We actually ate in a lot of the time as we were rather budget constrained.
We also didn’t cover a whole lot of new ground either. Among the things I’ve discussed here that made the grade this trip were 5 Guys, Dreamland, Biscuit Express, Skyline and little Paul’s BBQ.
Little Paul’s is good solid BBQ. Nothing to make a trip for but if you’re in the area, it’s a very good lunch. I particularly like the turkey.

On this day however I opted for Brunswick Stew. As this is the only place I’ve had this dish I have no idea if it’s any good. I do know that I like it though it feels like it's a little soupy.

After lunch at little Paul’s we hopped down the street to try one of the Cinnabon Delights from Taco Bell.

These donut hole type deals had a creamy center and were covered in icing sugar. All in all, not bad but nothing great. I prefer the Cinnamon Pullaparts at McDonalds.
I’ve now spent the last 14 US Thanksgivings in the states and I must say, this may have been the best. Everyone was in a great mood and the food was as good as it’s ever been.
Particularly my BIL’s turkey. Smoked to juicy perfection.

This plate was round 1 for me. BTW, my SIL's SIL makes THE BEST Deviled Eggs.

With my SIL living not 45 mins from Jack Daniels and both of us being Squires we often pay visits to the distillery. Particularly to deliver collectable bottles purchased at Duty Free to happy JD employees.
We’ve now discovered that no trip to Lynchburg can be considered complete without a visit to Nina’s Taste of Tennessee on the square.  I mentioned it the last trip and linked to my blog post. This time we had more of the JD and Peanut Butter fudges. Both are out of this world good. As was the “Turtle.”

This “English Toffee” is covered in chocolate as you can see. It’s basically a small, insanely good, Skor bar.
On our way back we were deciding where to have lunch. We ended up finding a little place on the Square in Fayetteville, Tn called Okra. This place is meat n 3 meats finer dining. Dinner is more upscale with items like Shrimp and Grits while blue plate specials are the bulk of the lunch offerings.
Mrs. Sippi and our niece went with Fried Catfish with a variety of sides. The fish was solid if nothing spectacular and the sides matched. In a good way. The exception was the Pinto Beans. They were fabulous.

My ‘Mento Cristo is a play on the classic Monte Cristo but using Pimento Cheese instead. It was fantastic however came with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. I didn’t care for that and it was easy enough to dust off. The woman at the table next to me completely agreed.
I talked to the owner and she was saying they make EVERYTHING. “The only thing that comes through the door in a can is the ketchup refill” Toby told me. BTW, if you ever go, the artwork on the walls is hers.
Heading home our first stop was inspired by CajunKing and his search for Nashville’s Best Burger. Since Gabby’s hours don’t work for us we opted for The Pharmacy. “Nashville’s Wurst-Burger Joint.”

This place is excellent. Mrs Sippi’s Bratwurst was phenomenal and the house made mustard accompanying it was up to the challenge. I didn’t care for the German Potato Salad but I’m not a warm tater salad guy anyway.
I went with a Cheeseburger and added Bacon. I also chose to go with a Creamsicle Soda and it is just about as good as a soda can possibly get.

While my burger had great flavour it was dry. They say they cook burgers medium to medium well but mine was decidedly WD. Too bad as it was great even overcooked. So you can imagine how good it would’ve been had it been oozing juiciness. For that, Rotier’s keeps my vote for Best Burger.
Our last stop was in Urbana for the road food legend, Crabill’s.

I’ve been dying to try this place and since we often travel through Ohio on a Sunday it’s not always easy to plan a visit. Anyway, this place has been open (with a brief exception) for over 85 years. Watching Marsha work the flat top is worth a visit. The oil from previous burgers continues to build and build so by the time they’ve been open an hour or two the patties are more or less pan frying. Cheeseburgers and a chili dog were the order.

My first 2 burgers I went with mustard, relish and onion. While really good, I found the condiments a bit over powering. The next 2 were plain and that’s the way to go if you ask me. Especially given that the mustard is an assertive spicy brown.The beef, even on a double, isn’t plentiful and it’s also somewhat subtle in flavour. Lacking the boldness of The Pharmacy it was still delicious. The American cheese adds such a nice creaminess.
So there you go. My trip in food, in pictures. Hope all y'all enjoy. 
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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 12:06:59
Reads like a wonderful Thanksgiving trip, and I'm glad you finally got to stop at Crabill's. Come to think of it, lleechef and I are due for another visit.
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 12:24:52
Thanks for such a beautiful report!  Crabill's is not great, but one of those places you just have to go to because it's......different!
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 12:46:57
Nice report, DT!  The turkey looks like it picked up plenty of smoke; does your BIL brine or just salt the bird?
Urbana and Crabill's don't look to be too terribly far from Dayton.  Perhaps I can detour when I'm out that way next summer.
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Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 12:55:54
WOW! What a delicious looking report! Once again I have to clean drool off my keyboard.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 12:58:06

Nice report, DT!  The turkey looks like it picked up plenty of smoke; does your BIL brine or just salt the bird?

Urbana and Crabill's don't look to be too terribly far from Dayton.  Perhaps I can detour when I'm out that way next summer.

My SIL brines the bird and BIL smokes it. I think I need a brining course from here because she seems to be far more successful than I.
Urbana is about a half hour drive from Dayton. There's a nice old, old candy store right on the square and there's also Farmers Daughter (restaurant) which I suggest you visit for an order of cinnamon biscuits.
The lady at Crabill's mentioned Marie's Candies in W. Liberty, Oh. Everyone else chimed in that it's fantastic. All poo pooed the one on the square in town.
Filet Mignon
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 14:13:42
Always love your variety!  Thanks for sharing! 
Filet Mignon
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 16:07:32
A bratwurst and a Creamsicle soda......sounds perfect to me! Great report, Davwud.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 16:11:53
Nice combo of elaborate at home and simple on the road.   I gotta agree on the Ihop choice.........almost anywhere else could be better
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 20:45:36
Thanks for posting this report! I always appreciate the effort put into it!
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Thanksgiving, 2013 2013/12/12 20:59:57
Very nice report Davwud...I'm not really of fan of traditional Thanksgiving meals (my Mom did not like was usually Lobster or Lamb...after my Brother and Sister moved out ) but your SIL & BIL's food looks great!