Chicken and Soul Food in Myrtle Beach....

Double Cheeseburger
2013/12/14 12:54:54
Just got back a couple of days ago. I went to Big Mike's for their luncheon "Blue Plate Special".  I had the fried chicken with three sides and corn bread. Three pieces of freshly cooked fried chicken, GREAT collards, cooked cabbage, and GREAT mac and cheese...all this plus sweet tea for $7.95. They also had fried pork chops, smothered pork chops, and chitlins available for the same bucks. Big Mike is a Myrtle institution. His grandmother used to run a soul food place over on Dunbar St. back in the 70's. I was a lifeguard back then and we used to hit that place for lunch a couple of times a week. Thank God nobody came close to drowning on those afternoons. Anyway, check out Big Mike's if ever in the area.
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ann peeples
Re:Chicken and Soul Food in Myrtle Beach.... 2013/12/14 13:20:18
Wow! The prices are fantastic! My cousin travels there every year( I hope to join her one of these times) and will pass this place on to her. Thanks!