Need some trip help, please

Fire Safety Admin
2013/12/16 00:15:10
The last 2 years I've driven to Calif and back. 5 weeks and 23 states worth in 2012. In 2013 oldest G'daughter, Ava, and I did a 3 week version, spending more time in calif. Summer of 14 we want to go New England. Definet stop in NYC, Manhattan. I'd like to hit MA, RI, NH, Vermont and Maine and go into Canada.
I'm thinking a 2 week trip. Other than NYC I don't have a good idea where to stop, what to see. That's where y'all come in. Seafood is a big consideration, shrimp, clams, oysters and lobster.
Canada, want to say we've been there. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia. What to see and do. Seafood again a big consideration.
So what do you think?
Filet Mignon
Re:Need some trip help, please 2013/12/16 00:25:33
And it was fun to have you in CA and meet your darling granddaughter!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Need some trip help, please 2013/12/16 00:34:43
Thanks Ed.
Poverty Pete
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Need some trip help, please 2013/12/16 01:07:15
  Schedule a stop in Warwick, RI, to visit WJ.  You won't be sorry.  The guy knows the area.
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