June's Cafe

Double Cheeseburger
2013/12/16 22:48:48
How wonderful to be able to write a trip report from my own town. June's Cafe is located in a quiet sliver of downtown Sacramento that used to be a hub of the Chinese and Japanese communities.These days many of the old stores and dining establishments sit vacant,others have been turned to trendy uses like a punk rock donut shope and a small gym , but Junes still remains.
Tucked away on a side street ,Junes is what roadfood is all about in my mind- unique atmosphere, freindly folks & food that is of the kind that fills you niceley for most of the day.
Junes consists of about 12 stools at an old time lunch counter  and two or three other tables and a staff of two, June and her husband. June does the cooking at a traditional diner grill while keeping up a freindly banter  with the regulars asking about this persons mother or that persons just finished vacation while she does her magic at the grill.
And what does one have at Junes Cafe..there is a full menu of sandwiches ,hamburgers and such but the real gems are the classic Japanese & Hawaiin dishes such as chicken or pork katsu ,something called Loco Moco which is white rice topped with a hamburger patty , a fried egg, and delicious brown  gravy. Also on the menu ,something I will try next if i can give up my usual for a visit , is bacon fried rice which I saw and looked truly delectable.
As for my usual, it is a incredible creation called Weinie Royal. I have never had anything like Weinie Royal, never could have imaginied the perfect combination of of thinly sliced hot dogs , gently browned on the grill along with onions and fried egg served with a mound of rice , a cup of miso soup and a bowl crunchy macaroni salad.There is also a cousin of this dish called Hamburger Royal which i will have to get to sometime. I did some research and found out that both dishes were invented in the dentention camps duringWW2- they had to cook with what they were given ,but it turns out these became a favorite.
If you are near Sacramento at the right hours, you owe yourself a stop at this true one of a kind roadfood gem ...its the real deal!   
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