Hollywood gourmet dogs

Junior Burger
2014/01/03 13:34:02

Quick question. Not sure if anyone's familiar with the Hollywood area in California but right in front of the Chinese theatre there is a hot dog stand called Hollywood gourmet foods. Knowing how strict la is with health permits, it surprised me that the cart not only did not have a permit but it was also grilling hot dogs which as far as I know is not permitted in Los Angeles. Does anyone know how is it that they can operate? Is it because they are operating inside the Chinese theatre ?

hella good tacos
Re:Hollywood gourmet dogs 2014/01/28 16:57:29
they are probably operating without a permit.
LA is a pretty busy place, i imagine its not that hard to go unnoticed.

I grew up and lived in California until 2010. ive seen tamale ladies, taco stands, corn stands, ice bream bikes, etc. operating without one. Its also never stopped me from buying their food.