Pay Now, Eat Later...

Double Cheeseburger
2014/01/04 18:26:09
With this weather, I'm sure a lot of you aren't selling much. But the bills keep coming in.
Was thinking of selling a coupon now that would give a sizable discount later.
Thinking Facebook fans  or just loyal fans that know you, like your food and miss it since you're snowed in.
Could use Paypal and just post your email address. They would have their email as a receipt.
Maybe 20% off and valid March thru Nov.
This may work if you have LOTS of FB fans and they are fairly secure you'll still be in business come Spring.
And if they really like you..
May sound like you're desperate to some, but most folks know you can't stand out there in the cold and have an interest in you staying in business (or keeping your electricity on) because you serve the best Dogs in town.
Just a thought. Forecast says I won't be out until maybe next Friday.
Re:Pay Now, Eat Later... 2014/01/04 19:03:13
If you find someone to take that offer, forward their name & phone number. I have a bridge I'd like to sell them!
Re:Pay Now, Eat Later... 2014/01/04 22:56:00
I dunno, seems like it would be at least worth a shot if you had a large base and they were secure with you being around to redeem said coupons. Could make your return less than break even for a time though.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Pay Now, Eat Later... 2014/01/07 18:30:41
Not a unique concept. Ever heard of a "gift certificate"?
Can absorb theless return in season.