managing multiple employee logins with SQUARE?

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2014/01/12 22:04:18
I'm looking into using Square POS in a new business instead of my current (high fee) merchant service. When I managed a coffee shop years ago, we just had a register with programmable buttons and 2 cash drawers, not set up to a computer (old school, I guess). There were 2 employees on shift at a time, and they each had their own personal login pin that operated their own drawer, so if somebody screwed up constantly you could tell who it was and work with them on it. Is there a way to set up something similar using a single ipad and square stand register? (connected to 2 drawers, with each employee having their own?) I can't see any specific answer to this in the Square manual. Any suggestions from someone using Square currently? Thanks!
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Re:managing multiple employee logins with SQUARE? 2014/01/14 15:03:00
square does have a option where you can have multiple employees where they can have access individually.
I have used this when I used the phone to take c.c. it worked well and that employee cannot see anything other than the transaction he/she was doing at the time. does NOT have any access to bank info at this what you were thinking, its on there register site somewhere I think. 
Re:managing multiple employee logins with SQUARE? 2014/01/18 18:40:12
The girls that work for me each have their own log ins for square and all they can do is see the list of items and complete transactions.  They don't have any access to the banking information.  You go into square and "invite" them and they can also set up the program on their own phones.  I don't think it would be efficient to use one iPad or phone since they would have to log in and out for each transaction.  For the most part, we rarely have more than one person taking orders.  At busy events we run as a three person crew with one taking orders, one assembling, and one giving out the orders and keeping the prep/refills going.
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Re:managing multiple employee logins with SQUARE? 2014/03/06 23:55:08
I wish square would update with a user pin/id like many restraunt POS systems have.
It would be handy to have tickets that print with names using square stand.
I have a small place and 1-2 servers per shift.  But we currently share 1 register and the system i have inherited is very flawed.