Food Trailer question.

Junior Burger
2014/01/17 12:59:24
If this has been answered, please forgive me. I am thinking about purchasing a food trailer and for me I think the hardest part is where I would set up. I have a few questions.
If I find a spot I think looks good do I contact the OWNER of the property or the Person leasing it. For Example, there is a shopping center near me that has a great road view. There are about 10 or so stores in there (none of which sell food). Would I contact the owner of the property or would I ask for the manager of the store I would be in front of? Also, what kind of kick back do you give these people? 

For the summer, I was thinking about setting up at baseball games etc. Does anyone know if there are any rules about setting up at city parks? 
Re:Food Trailer question. 2014/01/17 17:05:33
The owner of the property.

You would have to contact your local Parks and Rec Dept about being able to set up in a city park. In my city, you can't, but that might not be the case where you live.
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Re:Food Trailer question. 2014/01/28 16:51:08
MIght i suggest you go to your local city clerk, city manager's office, or visit with your towns inspections/ code enforcement to see what if anything they have in terms of codes/rules regarding your cart.

They may have size restrictions, hours of operations, and location rules you'll want to know before jumping in to this.