Waffle House at home..

Filet Mignon
2014/01/27 15:59:37
Yesterday, my daughter in law returned home from church with a bag full of baked potatoes.  (They were left over from a church luncheon).  She asked if I could use them in some way and I said that I would come up with something.  All of a sudden, I came up with a great idea. I put the roaster chicken aside for another day and decide to grate those potatoes into hash browns and have a "Waffle House" meal.
The meal turned out to be a huge success!  The hash browns turned out wonderful and I put all the toppings on except for the capped, topped and country.  I put bowls of these three items on the table for  each person to choose what they wanted. With sausage patties, buttermilk biscuits with honey, and some really nice sliced tomatoes, we had a terrific meal.
My youngest granddaughter declared it better than Waffle House, but that she still wanted to go there as soon as possible to see "all her friends"  (the waitresses)!
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Waffle House at home.. 2014/01/27 17:41:03
Not topped? Sounds like a great idea. But the biscuits are a no-no. I mean, real biscuits? You don't get those at a Waffle House. Although, I do like their new jalapeno-cheddar biscuits.

WHOOPS! Skip "Not topped."
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Re:Waffle House at home.. 2014/01/27 18:13:25
My mind is going to Switzerland in a Rosti minute.