Order by computer or smart phone

Filet Mignon
2014/01/30 14:53:14
I sometimes eat at the Uno pizza chain. You can order or pay via a computer on the table. I don't. Our server says that most people don't.
A cartoon that I saw today shows a couple of servers looking into a restaurant window as former customers order on tablets. 
McDonalds has a smart phone ap for coupons......how long before you can order from it?? Do you think that there will be more or less mistakes?????
Re:Order by computer or smart phone 2014/01/31 09:57:53
If I used that sort of technology at a restaurant I'd still tip my server as if he or she had taken the order and handled the payment.
Filet Mignon
Re:Order by computer or smart phone 2014/01/31 12:26:56
Some of the pizza chains have apps so you don't have to call to order, but I really can't much see the point of doing it if you're actually in the restaurant where there are people to wait on you. Coupons I probably would use...I've used coupons on my phone at various businesses before, and it works out great.
There would potentially be less mistakes because the order would be written by the customer, so if nothing else it should eliminate the "you never told me no tomato" argument, but other than that it will depend on the individual person handling the order just like it does now.
Filet Mignon
Re:Order by computer or smart phone 2014/02/07 15:59:31
WSJ had an article today. Pizza chains with online ordering aps are stealing lots of market share from the independents. I don't see it much around here though, and an independent that I like is doing online himself. He probably just bought the system??? He is not a "big guy", just a single store that has 3 or 4 workers during the week (plus drivers) and maybe 8 or 9 workers and 3 or 4 drivers on the weekend.  The Wall Street Journal usually has very good reporting, but I saw a lot of holes in today's story.