Catering Environment Questionnaire

Junior Burger
2014/02/05 07:36:15
Hey guys, I'm new on here but in need of your help. First off, I've been working part and full time in kitchens for the last 6 years whilst being a full time student.
I study MDes Design Products at De Montfort University and for my 4th year major project I'm looking to develop a new product in the catering and restaurant sector focusing on improving health and safety or improving kitchen equipment. I'm currently in the research phase of this process and any help would be greatly appreciated. Once the project is completed I'll have a fully defined product that may be taken to a design show for the public to view.
Here is a short survey on my website to be completed about your time in the catering industry (it is completely anonymous). If you could complete this it would be a massive help and if you could possibly pass the survey on to any friends who may be interested in helping it would also be appreciated.
Website link:
Thank you