Guedo's Cantina Grille - Chandler AZ

2014/02/05 23:17:25
I've driven past this place for Years and had heard mixed reviews and meant to stop on numerous trips but never did until today.
It's a classic dive bar that's been added to over the years and has a real vibe as a classic built as you go Taco Shop. The rooms are connected by hallways and concrete floors of various heights patched together.
The Courtyard has a raked dirt floor made to look like the beaches in Mexico and a wide variety of plastic furniture of various shapes and colors and the strings of overhead lights have been collected from any number of garage sales featuring discontinued Christmas lights.
As their web site states, "An Authentic Experience"!
I ordered 2 soft, corn tacos, one pork & one beef. The meat had been cooked on a large grill out on the "Beach" and re-heated on an indoor grill. The meat had a good smoky flavor. Some cabbage & cheese topped with salsa from the salsa bar rounded them out. They were good & flavorful. They're located right on the edge of the Historical District in old downtown Chandler on AZ Avenue & Chandler Blvd.
Old downtown Chandler has a very nice variety of restaurants and shops there and worth spending a little time bar hopping there. It goes along the same themes as all the old downtown venues in the valley like Tempe, Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Roosevelt Row, Etc. Worth checking out.