Infrared Burner in Food Truck

Junior Burger
2014/02/19 07:54:19
I own an older Wyss food truck in Denver, and I want to replace the hot box (which I never use) with a salamander/cheesemelter so that i don't have to take up half the grill toasting buns. The plan is to attach an infrared burner to the top of the hot box, and reroute the gas line from the old hot box burner below. The question I have is if anyone has an infrared burner in a truck or trailer? I haven't seen one in any of the other trucks around here, and I'm wondering if that because the ceramic plate in an IR burner is too fragile and could break if I hit a bump or go over railroad tracks too fast?
Re:Infrared Burner in Food Truck 2014/02/19 13:21:20
Is a conveyor toaster an option?  They are much cheaper than cheese melters and salamanders.
Junior Burger
Re:Infrared Burner in Food Truck 2014/02/19 14:23:45
I thought about a conveyor toaster but they all require electricity, and I don't have anything else that requires a generator or shore power except recharging batteries and re freezing coolers at night, not do I want to have to run the generator constantly with the price of gas.

Also, I don't have to buy a whole new salamander, I can just attach the infrared burner to the top of the hot box and add 18" to the propane supply line, I priced it out for less than $600 if it will work and not break the ceramic plate in the burner.
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Re:Infrared Burner in Food Truck 2014/02/21 13:20:14
Why are you on the Hot dog forum???
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Re:Infrared Burner in Food Truck 2014/02/22 10:48:23
I thought that was the moderator's job?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Infrared Burner in Food Truck 2014/02/24 15:24:44
What's the difference whose "job" it is? Be nice!
Filet Mignon
Re:Infrared Burner in Food Truck 2014/02/24 15:35:32
Maybe he sells hot dogs and asked because of that. Maybe as a new posted he just guessed wrong. Regardless, it's a legitimate question.
BigCheese, welcome to Roadfood!
So what types of food do you serve on your truck?
Junior Burger
Re:Infrared Burner in Food Truck 2014/02/26 02:38:30
Hey guys, i've looked at roadfood a few times but I'm new to posting and I put my question here because I figured there would be more mobile food vendors in this forum than the regular restaurant forum, and I saw some of the last few topics in here related to trucks and trailers (how come there isn't a food truck forum?).  
I do have deep fried bacon wrapped hot dogs on my menu, but my main sales are mini cheese burgers with homemade toppings; pickle and ketchup, an In-N-Out animal style knock off, really good boutique bacon and mango bbq sauce, fried quail egg and crispy onions with roasted garlic sauce and A-1, avocado ranch and 7-pepper relish, asian marinated mushrooms tossed in truffle oil with swiss cheese and roasted garlic aioli.
I can do all the same toppings on my hotdogs and fries but I don't have a way to melt the cheese on them (which I get a lot of requests for), and I need the space on my flattop to make more mini burgers faster (business has surprisingly picked up through the cold winter, and summer will be even busier I'm sure).  thats why I want to add a salamander, I just don't know how fragile the ceramic plate in an infrared burner is.  I tried contacting a few different burner manufacturers but none of them have gotten back to me, thats why I reached out on here.  As I'm typing this I realize I never tried asking any of the companies that build food trucks, which I will do tomorrow to see if they know.  But if anyone on here knows anything about them your help would be much appreciated.