The "New" DeLorenzo's vs. The "New" Papa's - Trenton Tomato Pies

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2014/02/23 14:34:52
In the past few years Three of the iconic inner Trenton Tomato Pie restuarants have closed their Trenton Locations and relocated to the Suburbs of Trenton.  In the last 2 Saturdays my wife and I have made a lunch trip to the New locations of Delorenzo's (formerly of Hamilton Street) and Papa's (formerly of Chambers Street). We had been to the originals once or twice over the years, but this was our first time at either of the New locations.
Whereas both former locations were old and somewhat rundown with difficult parking and wierd hours, the new locations are bright, modern, airy, with parking lots and something resembling "normal" business hours. Sometimes change is actually good. Both seemed to be doing a good amount of business at around 12 noon on a Saturday, but we were seated right away at both places.
We ordered the same thing at both places. A cup of soup, a large antipasto for two, and a large half sausage half regular pizza. It would be hard to pick a favorite of the two, our experinces were very good and similar in both places. Great Trenton-style pizza with excellent crust, large enough antipasto that we had plenty left over for a light dinner. Pleasant efficient service at each too. We both gave a very slight edge to Papa's, mostly because the bill was a few dollars less, and the sausage was slighly more flavorful. But you can't go wrong at either place. In fact the soup and the antipasto was a little better at DeLorenzo's.
Here are the websites:
As an aside, the other DeLorenzo's, which is known as Delorenzo's Tomato Pies, (they are related somehow but I forget exaclty what the story is), formerly of Clinton Street, was the first to move. My son and I had tried to go there when they first moved, about 3 years ago. We were treated rudely by the "bouncer" (that's what he looked like, although why a family restuarant that doesn't serve alcohol felt the need to employ a bouncer at lunch time is beyond me) because we tried to enter the restaurant at 1:45 when they were closing at 2. I swore I would never go back, and thus they were not part of this comparison.
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Good to hear they didn't lose anything in the move. Most places when they move lose something-----like the grease they left behind which changes the taste of everything
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Solid info, thanks Ken.
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Re:The "New" DeLorenzo's vs. The "New" Papa's - Trenton Tomato Pies 2014/02/24 14:22:07
Thank you, Ken (though other friends have gone to the new locations for both). Hope you're doing well. We're partial to Papa's, and have such nice memories of the one on Chambers (and we used to park right outside their front door!). But we'll be giving the new location a try, most definitely, next time we visit dearly departed loved ones at Greenwood Cemetery (or next trip to Grounds for Sculpture). And yes, we'll try DeLo's again, that's a promise. It's just a shame what's happened to Trenton that these places had to move.