Where To Eat In Vegas?

2014/03/06 18:02:33
I have a friend heading out to Las Vegas in the fall and asked me for some food recommendations. I've been only once and couldn't give her and her husband advice...but I thought of my Roadfood friends. Some of you out there must have some ideas for good food,nothing too fancy, but nice. Can you help? Any type of food is fine.
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Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/06 18:27:10
There are several In-n-Out location in Las Vegas!
If your friend likes Thai food, than Lotus of Siam is the place. Their sister place that I go to is regarded by major critics as the best Thai food in the U. S.
My favorite Chinese restaurant has a location in Las Vegas. Capital Seafood has some of th best Chinese food that I've eaten. Your friend might also inquire of they have the dim sum, Hing Kong style (with the carts). That makes a great lunch.
Hope this helps!
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Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/06 19:09:39
This was a blast the last time I was out there... and for dessert...
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Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/07 07:14:34

There are several In-n-Out location in Las Vegas!......
We tried to walk to the In-n-Out near New York, New York but Tropicana Ave became a highway with no more sidewalk.  We took a cab from Bally's (the people getting out had been to In-n-Out) and as soon as we got out of the cab, others who ate there got in.
We called for a cab after eating there (good, but not fantastic) but when we walked outside to wait, there was a cabbie there (eating a burger) so we got in his cab.
Definitely go at least once if you've never been.
We also liked the Peppermill very much.

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Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/07 08:59:27
I always suggest HASH HOUSE on Decatur for superb family-style breakfast (one of my top 2 or 3 in the country ... NOT Hash House a gogo
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Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/07 09:10:20
The biggest issue in Vegas for me when were race NHRA there is where not to eat.  Food, hotels and gambling is very prevalent and food is everywhere. 
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Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/07 10:49:13
I just returned from Vegas 2 days ago.  We ate both fancy and not so fancy.  On the more affordable side.  I would recommend Burgr.  This is Gordon Ramsay's burger place in the Planet Hollywood Casino.  Very good food and very reasonable for having a celebrity chef's name attached to it.  Burgers were around $13 and their Truffle fries are amazing.  Also for a more Roadfood experience try the Peppermill just past the Encore.  Think old school Vegas with neon lights, fake trees, and sunken velvet booths.  Large portions in the dining room but make sure to visit the lounge for a drink.  Just a few blocks from the Peppermill is Tacos El Gordo.  This is the most Roadfood place of them all.  Very unassuming from the outside as it is in a little shady looking strip mall but the food is phenomenal.  Try the cabeza taco (beef head) and the al pastor.  Some of the best authentic mexican street tacos I have ever had.
Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/07 21:26:33
Thumbs up on all those spots.   I would recommend Peppermill for sure and Tacos El Gordo is also fantastic.  The original one is down South in Tijuana....they have a few scattered throughout SD too.  Great adobada/al pastor tacos.  Its the only thing I ever get there.
I see you are from Jersey so you probably have had your fill of decent pizza.  If not though, there are a few Grimaldis locations throughout Vegas and they are always good.   Have a safe visit to Sin City!
Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/08 07:41:39
My son lives in Vegas so l am there a lot and never miss the Hash House really good breakfast.
Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/08 07:54:47
I just thought of another must go to place---Bachi Burger really good burgers with a Asian spin.
Re:Where To Eat In Vegas? 2014/03/08 08:58:31
I saw this a while back @ a pizza blog...
There is a "secret" pizza place at The Cosmopolitan Hotel next to the Bellagio.