Tracking Food Truck Apps

Re:Tracking Food Truck Apps 2014/03/16 20:36:33
I found this one as well, although it doesn't look as good as the others:

I'm not too sure to make of the lack of responses. Do you folks who own food trucks find that your own Twitter feed and Facebook page work better for letting people know where you are?
Re:Tracking Food Truck Apps 2014/03/16 21:40:19
Hey I use single platform and hootsuite
Twitter has worked best for b/c it hits your subscribers faster and if you understand how to use hashtags you will come up in the searches too.
My tweets on my soft opening over the weekend brought an extra 50 people to my spot
Re:Tracking Food Truck Apps 2014/03/19 10:45:46
Many of those apps use the same type of technology to find truck locations. They scrape twitter and facebook. The problem is if you don't tweet and address or intersection, some of the tweets can be missed.
The problem with just using twitter is that once you tweet your can be lost in your prospective customer's feeds rather quickly.
Re:Tracking Food Truck Apps 2014/03/19 12:36:56
Another addition to twitter that I have been messing with is the new facebook "following" every time I post it sends a direct message to my followers phones and emails. 
Re:Tracking Food Truck Apps 2014/03/30 00:27:53
I've looked at a few top apps, and I thought "Street Food App" is a top developer. Problem is you would have to convince them to open in your city, but the fact that you are in Denver seems like you wouldn't have that tough of a challenge.
Toby is the point man, who I've been talking to. He might be a one man show, I am not sure.
One of my major issues with some of the cart apps I've reviewed is they are too cluttered and hard to navigate, or they don't have decent connectivity to other social media links that can be useful for self promotion.
I do want to check out Roaming Hunger. I have not looked at that one yet.
Grouvie Lisa
Junior Burger
Re:Tracking Food Truck Apps 2014/11/22 16:31:34
Do any of you (or anyone you know) actually have your own mobile app, where you can send texts to your customers' phones?
I'm doing some research and wondering about how widely smart phone apps are used in the mobile food community.
- Lisa
Re:Tracking Food Truck Apps 2014/11/25 18:03:29
We use  It lets you add future and scheduled locations along with an address.  It also automatically sends out a tweet that you are open with a customized message, my favorite option.  It's free and the website has done interviews with trucks and has been doing a great job promoting the scene IMO.