Need Suggestions for Downtown L.A.

2014/03/09 21:51:59
My son & DIL are going over to LA for their 25th wedding anniversary and will be staying downtown and going to the opera.
Looking for a nicer place downtown relatively close to the Opera House for a romantic 25th Anniversary dinner.
Any suggestions? 
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Re:Need Suggestions for Downtown L.A. 2014/03/09 23:10:32
Are they going to the Ahmanson that night? Or is dinner the evening event?
I'll start with.....
Church and State
Highly rated food, French bistro atmosphere, one of the top chefs in LA
Cafe Pinot
One of the Patina Group Restaurants, more of a new American menu, romantic views
Rivera Restaurant
I've eaten at his older places and met John Sedlar several times. If he can't make a Mexican meal delicious and romantic no one can!
Nick and Stef's Steakhouse
Another of Joachim Splichal's, Patina restaurants. Can't say it's romantic but they are good meats. They do have a shuttle to the Music Center.
That should start them off......there's lots more, but "romantic" cuts a lot of the good ones----they tend to be more "classy power meeting" places 
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Re:Need Suggestions for Downtown L.A. 2014/03/10 00:58:02
Take a look at Cicada.  Sit at the  table where Pretty Woman Julia Roberts flipped her escargot.  Incredible art deco interior,  read the reviews and decide.