Manual Dicers

Junior Burger
2014/03/10 12:53:16
Has anyone used or have an opinion on manual food dicers?  Specifcally I am thinking of purchasing a Dynamic Dynacube:  
Re:Manual Dicers 2014/03/10 14:21:12
I have one that I use to make salsa and let me tell you, best money invested, what used to take me 1 hr to make I can now make in 10-15 min. it chops everything onions, tomatoes and jalapenos.
I'm pretty sure it would even do potatoes.
the only issue I have is that is very expensive so you need to treat it like a newborn baby because parts are also expensive.
Junior Burger
Re:Manual Dicers 2014/03/10 14:30:15
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I think its a bot pricey but between a manual chopper thats cheaper pr a RoboCoupe thats $1000.  My other reservation is the price of the individual blades.