Catskills, N.Y. Region - Suggestions, Please!

Junior Burger
2014/03/11 18:11:07
I will be driving along Route 17 through the Catskills, then on up I-81 North toward Syracuse this week. I know about the Roscoe Diner, of course, and remember the Miss Monticello Diner in its heyday. Any suggestions for breakfast or lunch along that route? Thanks for any and all ideas.
Filet Mignon
Re:Catskills, N.Y. Region - Suggestions, Please! 2014/03/11 18:37:51
Hello alehrfeld!  A belated welcome to the forums.  Where is your starting point on Rte. 17?   I'm not too well versed with the Catskills region but I can provide a lot of recs of Syracuse.  Just returned from 4 days there visiting my sister and her family.
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Junior Burger
Re:Catskills, N.Y. Region - Suggestions, Please! 2014/03/11 20:24:52
Depending on my mood, I will either take the Tappan Zee Bridge and follow the interstate to Harriman and pick-up Route 17 there, or I will travel west along I-84 and pick-up Route 17 around Middletown.  My starting point is Stamford, CT.