Potato Peeler

2014/03/14 14:02:20
Hey RF,
I've been thinking of purchasing a peeler for potatoes and I wanted to know if anybody has any experience using something like this?
Maybe not this exact model but just looking for any reviews...thank you in advance.
Filet Mignon
Re:Potato Peeler 2014/03/15 11:53:17
A late friend, who I have previously posted about, ran a line of similar but larger machines for his peeling business. They worked very well, but he "finished" the spuds by hand. He could have run the machines longer, but he raised his yield by cutting out eyes by hand. You can run the machine too long and end up with golf ball size potatoes. His, as I recall,  may have been 220v . Maybe you can find a used one??
Re:Potato Peeler 2014/03/15 16:44:16
As already said...they work great, but the pots keep getting smaller the longer you leave them in.  I used to use one in a former business...had someone who would sit & cut out eyes & then cut to size.  We kept 2- 30gallon cans full of peeled potatoes in the walk-in at all times.  The peeler made that much easier. 
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Re:Potato Peeler 2014/03/15 17:01:26
There are some youtube videos of commercial potato peelers in use.
it looks like it sort of grinds off the peels. Interesting gadget, i wonder
where the breakeven point comes when you have to clean out the eyes and bad spots, plus the loss
of any excess potato.
I almost bought one at a restaurant auction but they pushed up too near where you might as well buy
a new one.
Re:Potato Peeler 2014/03/15 17:47:04
Just Google  Used Restaurant Equipment Dallas TX and you'll get all kinds of sources for used equipment
Re:Potato Peeler 2014/03/15 18:37:19
Thanks to all of you for your responses.
I was pretty much sold on them long ago from the YouTube videos but figured there had to be something not necessarily shown in the video that I would learn after purchasing.   I have a great fry recipe and they look so much better when they are peeled, but I don't want to stick someone peeling potatoes for hours everyday by hand.  I did 100 lbs this past Christmas for a seafood fest for my family and it was no joke.   
I will definitely finish them by hand and be sure not to run them too long.  
Thanks again