Careful if you get an offer of "free" legal advice

Filet Mignon
2014/03/15 12:05:12
The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) recently, via Massachusetts Farm Bureau, was offering "Free" legal advice to Massachusetts farmers. They then turned around and sued a "sample" of 12 Massachusetts farmers under the Clean Water Act. They collected $25,000 each so the farm could avoid an expensive trial. They raised $300,000, in one small state, in a very short time.
They are encouraging other chapters to do the same as it is a "great fundraiser". $25k is a sweet spot that raises big bucks fast without having to go to court. Insurance companies see it as "business" to settle.
Restaurants on septic systems are considered a good target.
The law that they sue under will obviously get changed, but too slick lawyers see the potential to raise millions, nationwide first.