Diners 101

Double Cheeseburger
2014/03/28 01:28:49
LaSalle U in Philly has a course in their American Studies program studying food in the USA that includes a study of diners:
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Diners 101 2014/03/28 09:20:39
       Reply deleted.  I figured out the answer to my question after seeing the article. 
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I sent the following Email to DR. Ryan, the Professor on this project.
"Dear Dr. Ryan,
I'm a member of a food forum called www.roadfood.com 
My "Handle" is Foodbme.
I've made 9387 posts on there to date and moving toward 10,000!
This article was posted on roadfood.com and sparked some discussion. http://www.philly.com/philly/columnists/20140327_La_Salle_class_studies_our_counter_culture_-_diners.html
 Here's the link to the Roadfood posting.
  don't know if you're familiar with Roadfood.com but it lines up perfectly with your area of interest.
Roadfood.com was started by Michael & Jane Stern and they have written numerous books on Roadside Americana Eating.
"Roadfood means great regional meals along highways, in small towns and in city neighborhoods.
It is non-franchised, sleeves-up food made by cooks, bakers, pitmasters, and sandwich-makers who are America’s culinary folk artists.
Roadfood is almost always informal and inexpensive; and the best Roadfood restaurants are colorful places enjoyed by locals (and savvy travelers) for their character as well as their menu. It is our intention that Roadfood.com will lead the way to:
  1. great local color
  2. the best regional specialties
  3. unforgettable diners, celestial barbecue, and four-star pig-outs galore!"
There are 114520 registered users who have made 746346 posts in 31 forums. There are currently 47290 topics including ones such as  26,465 posts discussing where you've had your favorite hot dogs, sausages & bratwursts, and where can others go to find similar treats.
 It should be MANDATORY for your students (AND YOU) to join Roadfood.com. It's FREE!
Best Regards,
Jim Clark
AKA Foodbme
Gilbert AZ