Wander-In Cafe (Janesville WI)

2014/03/30 21:55:46
Yesterday I was in Janesville and decided to try Wander-In Cafe because I'd found a discount certificate at restaurant.com.  It's been in the back of a gas station for 10 years and that might initially seem uncommon, but since it's on the south side and not too far north of the city limits it's not hard to imagine that years ago it could've been a truck stop.

It's actually fairly spacious inside, with maybe 30-40 total seats.


Part of the menu features "messes", or breakfast garbage plates.  I went with "Brenda's Mess", which starts with a base of hash browns and is built upward with cheese, diced ham (or bacon or sausage), 2 eggs any style, and sausage gravy.  And the 2 pieces of toast that tagged along for the ride were perfect for dunking.

The mild gravy was a touch sweeter than how I like to make it at home but it was still a great breakfast.  With a glass of orange juice I was out the door for under $10 (not including tip) and had enough left over to have this morning.

Wander-In Cafe
1445 Center Avenue (US-51)
Janesville, WI