Heavenly Indian Restaurant in NYC

2014/04/06 10:50:57
Found a gem  of an Eating experience in lower Manhattan ave at Lexington and 26th street yesterday. While attending an art show at the Armory, and searching for a place to eat lunch, discovered this "southern" Indian vegetarian restaurant, one of several locations in America.We've eaten at several Indian restaurants before, but never this cuisine before. Had our first "Dosa" ---a thin crepe, almost 2 feet long with 4 dipping sauces that were heaven. You can find their menu on their home page. I include one review i found
Has anyone been to this place? or one of similar southern cuisine? Ever had a "dosa" Loved our experience...and will be going back.
Here's their menu which helps explain their dishes. Interesting!
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Re:Heavenly Indian Restaurant in NYC 2014/04/06 10:57:31
Found this info about that "dosa" The photo on the right is what we were served...almost 2 feet of heaven with those dipping sauces. Our restaurant served it pretty much like that!
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Re:Heavenly Indian Restaurant in NYC 2014/04/06 11:23:53
I think, from my experiences with Indian restaurants, that you will find dosa in vegetarian Indian restaurants.  My daughter in law and I go to one that serves dosa , or dosai  (as they call it) in many ways.  If you order the plain, it is served with chutney and sambar.  It can also be ordered many other ways.  One of my favorites is the onion masala dodai which is served with sauteed onions and filled with potato onion masala.