Pulling pork

Junior Burger
2014/04/07 11:26:49
Hey I'm new to the forum. I'm thinking about starting up a food trailer serving tacos, and I want to use shredded pork as one of my proteins. I know how to cook the meat tender enough to shred for home use.. I was wondering if any one had tips on how to make the cooking process a little quicker for bulk production. I was thinking of mabe cutting it into chunks browning them and putting them in the oven.
Filet Mignon
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/07 15:48:45
Are we talking about Carnitas, we use pork butts or shoulders. We then crisp up the meat in some fat under the broiler. In your case it would be on the grill. It takes time to cook till tender. I would always be one day ahead of myself, that way your not pressured and can even roast over night. 
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/07 16:16:19
Back in my restaurant days it was all about low and slow-I would do pork butts very slowly roasted for hours and hours, brisket the same, etc.  Now-in the truck-I use a pressure cooker.  Amazing way to braise your meats.  Once its up to pressure you have 45 minutes of cook time then let it cool naturally (about and hour or so) then pull the meat out and let it rest in the braising liquid (in a hotel pan or buss tub, etc.).  Works like a charm and is a fraction of the time.  I bought a 20 qt pressure cooker for around $100 and I use it all the time (for whole ducks, brisket, short ribs, pork butts, etc.).
Junior Burger
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/07 16:24:41
Thanks a lot I think think the pressure cooker would be ideal for my setup, since I won't have a huge oven or smoker to cook multiple butts at a time.. Also on the subject of pulling meats chicken is going to be on my menu as well at the house I usually use chicken thighs for pulling.. As far as making the meat in bulk what is best to use? Thanks
Filet Mignon
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/07 17:03:59
aclaud456: First, I should welcome you to Roadfood. Another way is to get a gas BBQ grill, off set a pot on the unheated side to slow cook. With you being in Florida, this would keep all the heat out side.........I do this a lot in the summer months to slow cook.........
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/07 17:53:20
@aclaud456 you can use whole birds for pulled chicken.  Thighs would work fine though and would be easier to manage/prep.  Wouldn't have to worry about all the bones and picking the meat.  And what do you mean for making the meat in bulk?  As in cooking it?  Like a recipe?
Also remember how much propane you'll be saving by using a pressure cooker.  Huge!!
Junior Burger
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/07 18:08:56
Well at the house I cook for like 10 people and I use thighs and usually simmer them in water and pull the meat.. And for the butt I braise it or crock pot it.. But if I'm doing it for my business feel like I'm going to have to cook multiple butts.. And just didn't know if using thighs in a food truck setting is as cost effective or just operationally effect as using whole birds. I've worked in restaurants for quite a while but none that have worked with pulled meats.
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/07 20:32:44
I use thighs for my chicken tacos and they're definitely great cost wise-they're about 1.40 or so a pound at Restaurant Depot.  Whole birds would be cheaper but would just require more work to pick, etc.
As for the butts I can get 30# in the pressure cooker, no problem.  I cut them into manageable pieces and add pineapple, garlic, chili, ginger, soy (we do Asian style tacos) and have just enough water to just about cover everything.  Let it rip and it comes out great!
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/08 03:48:59
My suggestion would be to get a gas vertical smoker from Lowes/Home Depot. and prepare ahead.
Cook and prep at home and just take what you need for the days business with you
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/08 05:16:11
An electric roaster works very well too.  They can easily hold 2 big butts. Cook at home over night, take what you need the next day.    For smoke flavor, cook the butt in the smoker for 2 hr at 200 deg. Then put in the roaster for 3 to 4 hrs. 

Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/08 21:56:06
The last two posters suggested you cook at home.  I have to ask those two...is that legal in your states?  Curious.
Re:Pulling pork 2014/04/27 16:44:18
Veteran of two years of actual Mexican food truck experience. Over that time I've failed too often and learned more than a person should really have to. =^) Mexican food is extremely prep-intensive. Do everything you can to spend less time at food prep and more pushing food out the window. Slow cooking does not lend itself to this.
I've done slow cooking with pork carnitas and with puerco al pastor. And I make excellent Mexican. My carnitas take all night and melt in your mouth. It never paid.
Fish tacos sell well and don't take so much prep. Chicken asada if you get the recipe right. I'll tell you if you want. It sells and it cooks fast. If you are going to cook pork, either cut the good bits out of a butt and grill them at order time for tacos (time consuming) or put it in a pressure cooker long enough that it's well past tender. Hit it with a potato masher, quickly pick out the gristly bits, season it, and serve. 
Get your ticket average up over $10-12 with combo specials or you won't even come close to surviving, higher in the expensive locales. I mean no disrespect here: cater to anglos. Get into the toniest venues you can and find a way to present your cuisine as edgy (most anglos have never had authentic Mexican food and they find it edgy to begin with so phew). Hispanics will not pay $10 for two tacos and a drink but that's what you gotta sell.
Do the grilled onions, radish and roasted jalepeno garnishes if you can. White people find this entrancing. Carry the Mexican Coke in bottles if you can, again, white people think Mexican Coke is a revelation and will pay $3 for a ten ounce bottle once word spreads. Display Mexican canned drinks if you can, they are exotique.
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