Electrical and plumbing layout help needed

Junior Burger
2014/04/24 14:26:14
Hello from Delaware.  We're building out a trailer and seeking assistance on electrical.  First, let me say - I have a copy of the codes for everything so I'm good on that aspect.  Our issue is there are no experienced electricians in our area who have put together a food truck so I'm looking for guidance and assistance in layout so I can show them a design to get built.
I have a total start-up of 8KW - which will settle down to under 7KW once the compressors and motors finish start-up.  My equipment:
refrigerated sandwich table - 550W
2 freezers - 1.1KW
lights - 400W
microwave - 1.3KW
a/c (start-up) 3KW
music - 200W
hot water - 1.5KW
I need to be able to keep my freezers and sandwich table running while driving.  Once I reach the sales destination I will need to run all of the equipment.  We are tossing around a couple of ideas:
1.  using an inverter for the freezers and sandwich table so they can run off the battery as we travel. Then a generator will take over when we are stopped and ready to sell.
2.  using a generator that will operate during travel and when we are stopped.
For both options, we will need to be able to plug into shore power if that is available so we won't need to run the generator.
I'm trying to keep the design uncomplicated.  I'd like to keep the generator inside the truck under a table (if it is not too loud) due to design constraints on the exterior.  We have a steam table that will be propane so we are thinking it would be ideal to use a generator that also runs off propane.  (We will be using a gas fueled truck to tow).  We are thinking of a 7.5KW generator as the loads will be staggered upon start-up.
If anyone has schmatics on something similar, I would very much appreciate being able to look at them.
Re:Electrical and plumbing layout help needed 2014/04/24 16:36:41
Hey do you every come up to N. wilmington? I can show you how my truck is wired.   
Re:Electrical and plumbing layout help needed 2014/04/24 23:21:15
Kapowtruck has a great example for you to get some ideas from.  And honestly-unless you're driving long distances or selling ice cream you'll probably be just fine running without your generator while you drive.  If your coolers stay closed they will hold their temp for a bit-even if it rises a few degrees it won't be too big of a deal as its very temporary.  Inverter systems work well but they take a bit more thought, knowledge and wiring in order to have your separate systems (being inverter, generator then shore power).  Of course having a generator running a few things while you drive long distances will use very little fuel and wouldn't be such a bad idea.  Just my 2 cents...