Cheese crackers

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2004/04/22 08:32:36
This is an odd question, but did all of you grow up eating peanut butter cheese crackers that are sold in vending machines. We've always eaten them, especially the ones made by Lance. My nephew made the comment that while they were in Rochester, MN last month, you couldn't find them in any of the vending machines. I thought that this was something that everyone ate everywhere. This along with a soft drink used to be my breakfast when I was in high school and college.
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RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/22 09:16:45
It is against the law in some states to send your child to school with a PB&J.

When I was still traveling, I found that some airports had no peanuts for sale. Of couse they practically never hand them out on the planes.

I suspect the hysteria over peanut allergy is the reason you did not find the peanut butter crackers.

RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/25 21:41:55
I had Lance peanut butter crackers all the time growing up. They made a good portable snack to eat in the car on the way to after-school activities back when I was a busy little kid. Besides the bright orange cheese crackers with peanut butter there were wheat crackers with cheese and "Captain's Wafers" with sour cream-cheese type filling (these don't seem to be around anymore). It was fun to split the crackers open and peel the filling off all in one piece.
I don't remember getting them from a vending machine, though; we got them in multi-packs from the store.
RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/25 22:06:28
I buy the Frito Lay's Cheese and Peanut Butter cracker packs (25 cents each) and keep a handfull of them in my work truck... Cheap, yet somewhat satisfying when the munchies set in...
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RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/26 08:36:16
I grew up eating the Austin brand of these. They came in multi-pack : peanut butter on cheese, cheese on cheese and regular peanut back on ritz-type crackers. i still eat them on occasion.

As for vending machines, I still have them in my work vending machine.
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RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/26 09:00:45
WE have them in the vending machines around here and also on the grocery shelves in multi packs. Lance in located in Charlotte, NC which is only 20 miles away. But, my nephew said that no kind could be found in Minnesota
Originally posted by renfrew

I grew up eating the Austin brand of these. They came in multi-pack : peanut butter on cheese, cheese on cheese and regular peanut back on ritz-type crackers. i still eat them on occasion.

As for vending machines, I still have them in my work vending machine.
RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/26 09:53:47
We still have them in vending machines as well as on convenience and grocery store shelves.
RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/26 11:17:02
I get to tell my cheese crackers story! Thanks, emsmom!

When a much younger man, my money, scarce as it was, was too precious to spend on mundanities like food. I used to live off of cheese crackers and the like.

One night, doing some underage drinking at Moynihan's in Wormtown MA, I met a young lady whom I wished to get with. Hoping the right mix of chemicals would assist me in this undertaking, I suggested we smoke a joint, to which she agreed.

We popped out of the front door, and I took two steps to the left and lit up.

"Shouldn't we not smoke on Main Street?" the lovely lass inquired.

"Nah," I replied confidently. "I do this alla time."

At which point one of Worcester's finest pulls up. My heart takes a giant flop; I drop the joint and put my foot over it, and as the good officer steps out of his vehicle, I shoot my arms up into the air as if he had pulled some iron on me. The object of my affection finds this action irredeemably funny.

The officer is mighitily irritated by this whole scenario. "Put your arms down!" he snaps. He pushes my sneaker-clad foot off the joint (a big one, too, more's the luck) with his blucher, bends down to pick it up, and rips it open, scattering the precious vegetation to the four winds, all the while lecturing me as to the lack of respect for the police I was showing by smoking on Main Street.

He belatedly remembers to pat me down, no doubt recognizing me for the desperate criminal I surely am. My arms reflexively shoot up again (too much TV, no doubt) and he slaps at them. "Put your arms down, idiot!" he grumbles.

Then his paws discern an flat oblong shape in my front pocket, and his demeanor changes from annoyed to cop-wary.

"What's that in your pocket? Take it out, slow, slow!"

He has his hand on his weapon, and my knees are castanets. I reach into my pocket, withdraw the offending oblong, and offer it toward the bastion of law and order.

"Ch-ch-cheese crackers, officer," I quaver, the bright orange hue and familiar Lance logo glistening in the streetlight. My erstwhile paramour and I then burst into a fit of the giggles, having imbibed many tankards of grog amidst the convivial surroundings of the tavern.

The cop is speechless for a second, and then he spins on his heel and stalks disgustedly to his trusty gas-powered steed, flinging an imprecation or two from behind his massive blue-clad shoulder.

The young lady and I return to the bar and hoist a few more. Alas, my virility and insouciance had taken a major blow, and I return tome lady-less. The fact that I was more upset about losing my last joint than losing the fair maiden says a great deal as to what manner of blooming youth I was.

If you have made it this far, I commend you, and thanks for listening. It's not often I am reminded of that story, as it resides well behind the mists of time.

Your humble servant, essvee
RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/26 11:48:11
And so, not being able to resist, I give you

Are those cheese crackers in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?!
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RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/26 13:24:51
i think that story would be slightly better if the officer confiscated the cheese crakers as "evidence".
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RE: Cheese crackers 2004/04/26 13:31:38
Maybe that's where this old expression comes from: "Cheese it, the cops!"