Cinco de Mayo !!!!

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RE: Cinco de Mayo !!!! 2007/05/07 11:23:08
Originally posted by Al-The Mayor-Bowen

At least this year '2007' they had enough sense to combine Cinco with a real day of celebration, "Derby Day" !

It was the one day every few years where you can actually have a mint julep with a margarita chaser.
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RE: Cinco de Mayo !!!! 2007/05/07 11:39:32
[:D I didn't do anything for Cinco de Mayo,had to work at TJMAXX,then get an oil change,etc.They had various things going on here in the San Antonio area.
They also have various things that go on to celebrate Juneteenth,which was the day the slaves were told they were freed by Abraham Lincoln.
Been to Milwaukee for the SummerFest.Every place had some kind of festival going on.We went up there to see my dad's relativesso we didn't get to hit as many of the festivals as we might have.
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RE: Cinco de Mayo !!!! 2007/05/08 19:48:23
This is the first year I missed Cinco De Mayo at Disney in the last five. Always had a super time at the adult area.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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RE: Cinco de Mayo !!!! 2007/05/08 22:44:13
It is really amazing what one can learn on Roadfood. I have heard about this holiday, but always thought it was Sinko De Mayo. Somehow, I thought of it as a Mexican rebellion against American processed foods. To me it was rather like the Boston Tea Party, I envisioned Mexicans throwing American mayonnaise into the Gulf of Mexico in a huge rebellion against corporations co-opting their food and heritage.

Thanks for the correct information, but I do believe Mexicans will soon have a Sinko holiday when they do throw our pure processed products into the sea. Corn would be the first to go, we flood the Mexican market with our genetically modified government subsidized corn. The Mexican farmer can't compete with his heritage crop which is the soul and staff of life in Mexico.

I do believe Americans will soon have a similar holiday probably called Sinko De China. Everything comes from China now and we do love the cheap prices. Our processed food ingredients come from China because they are so much cheaper. Who cares about the contamination? Pet food, so animals die. Chicken feed contamination, pork feed contamination and now fish feed contamination. Our FDA says it wont hurt us a bit, but personally I would not take that bet.

I am not particularly religious, but I do believe in "as you sow such as you will reap". It is a great bit of wisdom. As we have sowed in Mexico, we are reaping from China. This is not really a matter of politics or nations, it is a matter of corporations controlling both politics and nations. Perhaps, one day the people of the world will join together into a Sinko De Corporation day, when all their greed will be thrown into the sea.

Our rebel founding fathers had such courage when they threw the tea into Boston harbor. They had the wisdom to know they were not fighting England but the East India Company, the true power behind the throne. I do wonder if in this time and age we have such patriots and such wisdom.
RE: Cinco de Mayo !!!! 2007/05/09 17:27:33
Originally posted by Al-The Mayor-Bowen

This must appeal to all of our Basque Holiday Roadfooder's! At the recent Talent Competition that is part of the selection process for the Miss Owensboro BBQ Festival for May 2004, This young lady really did the best Marlene Dietrich impersonation as she belted out that old Ballard "There Will Never Be Another Ewe" !! Let your regional holiday celebrations equal THIS !!

Here she is --

Al -

That picture is just down right scary! I know some folk from over that way that would think she was a mighty fine lookin date after a few belts.

Ewe are just plain Baaaaaaaaad
Filet Mignon
RE: Cinco de Mayo !!!! 2007/05/11 02:48:18
I have the good fortune to share my Cinco de Mayo birthday with Ann B. Davis (Alice from the Brady Bunch) and Tina Yothers (the youngest sister on Family Ties). Esteemed company, indeed. I usually go low key and have dinner out with my girlfriend, but this year we decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo party. Can't really say we went Mexican, but definitely a lot of Latin themed food was consumed. I can't say enough about the bakery in this first pic. The Big Booty Bread Company in Chelsea was great. My girlfriend got me a Tres Leches Cake (three milks cake), a dozen red velvet cupcakes, and 80 arepas-40 savory white corn w/queso blanco baked in them and 40 sweet yellow corn). The owner and his staff were great and very accomodating. I didn't want any alcohol in my cake and they don't put it in anyway (just don't like booze IN my baked goods. Alongside in a glass, thats another story). The red velvets were amazingly moist and they use beet juice for color instead of food coloring. The cream cheese frosting definitely closed the deal. Highly recommend them. They're on 23rd Street (between 7th and 8th Aves). I've never been so nervous as I was taking that cake home on the subway. I thought for sure I was going to drop it.

Here's a close up of a tres leches slice. See how the milk has soaked in?

A shot of the whole cake. My girlfriend even had them write Happy Birthday William en espanol.

We marinated some portabella mushrooms and veggie skewers in spiedie sauce, then grilled them on the stovetop pan.

The arepas. Some people ate them with the pernil. I slathered some guac and salsa on them. tasty.

My girlfriend's pernil. She's not big on cooking, but this is her specialty. She also made the sangria which was strong and sweet all at once.

My roommate from college (one of my closest friends-he's always got my back) mixed the margaritas and they were mighty fine. Thanks for helping me with the grunt work, man!

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