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Double Cheeseburger
RE: Tamales 2006/12/18 18:04:01
Thanks for the update, like I said I hadn't tried them in a while. They used to have venison at one time I guess they decided to streamline. There is also Alamo Tamale Co. but they are not in the best parts of town if you are not familiar with the area.

Fire Safety Admin
RE: Tamales 2006/12/20 20:47:36
Another thing that puzzles me about regional tamales is their size.

In East Tennessee, the tamales are big and fat a little bit like the size of a ear of boiled corn and everyone I have had in Texas has been cigar sized.

There is a lady that Fred Sauceman has written about in Knoxville that runs a place called Mary's Tamales on Magnolia. Hers originated in Mississippi and are also very small. They have a slightly peculiar sour cinnamon taste to them. They are still very good.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Filet Mignon
RE: Tamales 2006/12/21 09:58:06
Originally posted by Sundancer7

Another thing that puzzles me about regional tamales is their size.

In East Tennessee, the tamales are big and fat a little bit like the size of a ear of boiled corn and everyone I have had in Texas has been cigar sized.

New Mexico also has small tamales. They are made by the Hispanic families and also the Native American families. I didn't know they were so large east of the Mississippi.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Tamales 2006/12/21 10:29:42

In our community on the High Desert of SoCal (Hesperia), we had a number of street corner venders selling tamales. Pork-Beef-Chicken were the usual choices. One Mexican Restaurant, Casa Delicioso located under the Main St overpass, next to the Santa Fe RR tracks is well regarded in the area for some really good Mexican Food. At this time of year they have a Tamale production Line working almost around the clock to fill the orders for Tamales for the Christmas suppers. Those Tamales were kind of flattend, looking a bit like a 'Runza' wrapped in corn husks, about 5 inches long and maybe 2.5 inches at the widest, across. They are the best Tamales I have ever enjoyed.
RE: Tamales 2006/12/21 11:38:27
Originally posted by joeoftexas

In Dallas, TX


La Popular Tamale House
5004 Columbia at Munger, suite 103
Dallas, TX 75214
Phone: 214-824-7617

Thanks, JoeofTexas. I'm going to place an order for pork tamales from these folks for Christmas.

Fire Safety Admin
RE: Tamales 2006/12/21 13:30:39
The Residence Inn I am staying at in Houston is huge with about 300 suites. The entire staff is almost Hispanic and from about every country south of the border.

One of the guys felt sorry for me and invited me to his El Salvordorian residence where they were feasting with their other friends and having dinner that is particular to their country. They will be having many types of tamales along with their native beer.

I am looking forward to it.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: Tamales 2006/12/22 01:00:58
In reply to the question about regional thing, I guess it just depends on who taught you to make tamales & what you prefer. I make mine the basic way. I purchase unprepared masa & add stuff to make it taste good such as broth, green salsa & salt. I spread a thin layer of masa evenly & place the filling inside & fold it up. My fillings vary, sometimes I make chicken with red chili sauce, beef with red chili sauce or my most requested which is cheese with green chili. Sometimes I add olives sometimes I don't. Mine are around 4 to 5 inches long & 3 inches wide. My sister doesn't like the spreading bit so she takes a pile of masa & puts the filling on top. My friend & her family makes small tube type tamals, her corn masa is very thin. Another friend uses the mixtal? mix which taste too tangy for me. My Mother in law makes large tamales with chunks of pork & spicy red chili sauce. She uses prepared masa & doesn't add anything to the masa. All are very good but are these all consider CA style since we are in CA?
RE: Tamales 2015/05/08 11:05:05
I'd been hearing good things about Tamale's Industry in Des Moines for a few years so when we were in town last month Mrs. Chicken and I checked them out.  I actually tried to visit them last year but they were in the midst of transitioning from their old location on 2nd Avenue to the Merle Hay Mall food court, so I missed out.
Yes, they're really in a mall.

We ordered one spicy chicken tamale with green sauce, one with poblano and cheese, and one with beef and red sauce.


The beef tamale had good flavor but was a little on the dry side, so it could've been better.  The one with poblano and cheese was also good and surprisingly not that spicy, but the real winner was the tamale with chicken and green sauce.  It definitely had some heat and I really liked the sauce; in fact, it tasted good enough for my wife to willingly accept the chile pain and take more than one bite.
I don't know the exact reasons for the move to the mall but the previous location was an older building so I wouldn't be surprised if there's a serious financial component, and of course the mall food court offers a lot more foot traffic than 2nd Avenue.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Tamales 2015/05/08 11:16:35
have you tried these??
My cousin has lived in Scottsdale for 35 years and says these are the best he's had.
the grillman
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Tamales 2015/05/08 12:15:38
well, this is an old thread....
I love tamales.  Hard to find good ones.   By mail, I have successfully ordered from the Texas Tamale Warehouse...
http://www.thetexastamalewarehouse.com/       A bit pricy, but good.  Locally in St Louis, the best I have found are just down the road, although you have to order a dozen or more...Mary does a great job on these.  Great sauce, too.  It's been too long, I need to order some more...
And someone mentioned canned tamales....a great old time sandwich from my family, my grandfather, specifically, was a couple of heated up canned tamales, Hormel, I think, then mash them down on some beefsteak rye bread, add a smear of salsa, hot sauce, ketchup, or all three, top with another slice of rye bread, and enjoy as a sandwich.  Strange, I know, but don't knock this without trying it.  Not totally unlike the mother in law sandwich...
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