Graham Crackos

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2004/05/19 17:15:47
Does anyone remember a cereal from the early 80's called Graham Cracko's? I guess it was supposed to taste like graham crackers. Is it being sold anywhere?

I also have fond memories of Cookie Crisp cereal. Is that still around?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Graham Crackos 2004/05/19 17:56:16
Danimal, I remember the Crackos, but never tried them. I may be off the mark, but have you ever just made graham cracker mush? Crush the crackers, add milk and eat. I'm always looking to recapture tastes from my childhood, and it seems to me Honey Grahams are much cheaper than any brand-name cereal sold nowadays, so I hope you will find YOUR food memories!
RE: Graham Crackos 2004/05/19 19:39:23
I have seen the Cookie Crisp at local stores here in Knoxville. I've never heard of Graham Crackos though! Have you heard of Waffle-o's? I don't see them anymore. As a kid I really liked Kaboomies!
Junior Burger
RE: Graham Crackos 2004/05/19 20:00:01
Something new is coming to town
George the Milkman's bringin' it 'round
Kellogg's Graham Crackos

This is the sort of thing I remember from my pre-college years. Everything else? PFFFFT!
RE: Graham Crackos 2004/05/19 20:24:45
Hi and welcome quazforb! What year are we talking about here? (in regards to Graham Crackos)
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Graham Crackos 2004/05/20 09:42:46
I'd say the early 1980's.

I do remember Waffaloes - the mascot on the commercial was "Waffalo Bill" - a cowboy. They also had blueberry Waffaloes.

I'm going to look for cookie crisp here in the Chicago area.