KFC recipe change

Junior Burger
2004/05/20 02:26:03
Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't KFC change the recipe for crispy sometime around 1982 or so? IIRC, the cange made it a bit more spicy, but decidedly less good tasting?

Wesley H
Oklahoma city, OK
RE: KFC recipe change 2004/05/21 00:39:04
Hard to say... As prices go up, seems like quality goes down... Seems everyone is trying to cut costs everywhere, including the final product that reaches our taste palettes... Bummer...
Just read an article this week that due to product costs, getting napkins is getting real thin... Though our local Taco Bell must be making a heck of a profit... Order a couple tacos and they toss in about a dozen Hot Sauce Packets and enough napkins to cleanse a dozen or so people...
RE: KFC recipe change 2004/05/21 00:51:39
Some areas still have a spicy crispy chicken. I have also seen what they call spiked chicken. It is injected with a buffalo seasoning.
Junior Burger
RE: KFC recipe change 2004/05/28 13:30:25
KFC developed Spicy Crispy chicken in the early to mid eighties to compete directly with Popeye's and the like. Beside Spicy Crispy chicken, they sold sides like dirty rice and greens. Although the chicken didn't completely suck, the sides couldn't compare with Popeye's.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: KFC recipe change 2004/05/28 15:43:04
There are two KFC's on the main shopping drag here. they are at max 1 mile apart. The one has spicy extra crispy & the other's extra crispy is regular.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: KFC recipe change 2004/05/29 23:49:12
Have you guys seen the new product and the new commercial geared towards women? With the oven-roasted chicken, veggies and rice? And they're calling it Chicken Capital, USA?

I find it damned offensive. It's just lame beyond belief. It's insulting.