Gross Burgers

2004/05/24 15:43:02
If you are within 50 miles of Danville, Il near lunch time you must stop at Gross Burgers (that's the guys name Mr Gross, It used to be called Grunt's) The very best deal the the All American triple cheese burger and fries with a giant pop. 5 bucks!
He grinds the meat fresh every day!
The fries have some magic salt on them.I wish I could sent you one via e-mail.
If you are going east or west on I-74 get off at the Gilbert Street exit South in Danville,IL. the place is about 2 miles south on the left.If you pass the 2nd stop light you went too far. Locally it's Georgetown Road Ill route 1.
Forget the drive up you have to call in drive ups.
If they are closed stop at Keg's BBQ about 2 blocks north and get the ribs.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Gross Burgers 2004/05/24 23:47:26
Gee, I dunno. Did Rob Petrie ever eat there?
RE: Gross Burgers 2004/05/26 14:59:43
Originally posted by Pwingsx

Gee, I dunno. Did Rob Petrie ever eat there?
nope It was after his time. In fact Rob (Dick Van Dyke) was her a couple of weeks ago. mmmmm maybe he did go to Gross's
RE: Gross Burgers 2008/08/31 15:29:00
When I stopped at Gross' last year I got the triple & fries special and I don't think I ate again until the next day, so this year I ordered a single cheeseburger because I was planning on hitting a couple of other spots. The burgers aren't all that big but they're good, and the guy who mans the grill (Paul, and I suspect he's a Paul Gross who's not the Canadian actor) gets nice crispy edges on the patties without drying them out:[URL=''][/URL]

Get there any way you can:

But if you don't care for the Marines you might want to get your burger elsewhere:

Just up the road a bit is Mike's Grill, where I had a cheeseburger about 30 minutes after finishing the one I got at Gross'. It was OK and it comes on a toasted bun, but if I had to choose I'd take a Gross' burger.

RE: Gross Burgers 2008/08/31 15:46:36
Oops, Thought this thread was about McDonalds.