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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/01/07 20:12:47 (permalink)
The world's best soup, hands down, is the turtle soup at Commander's Palace in New Orleans. I swear, they must put opium or crack or something in their soup, it's so addictive.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/01/08 19:47:24 (permalink)
Legal Seafood's Fish chowder, O' naturals clam chowder, Habitant is the best pea soup, and any soup at "Sarah's" soup /bread bar in .Wiscassett, ME
I wish I could make good soup, mine does nothing for me... And I am a really good cook!
Ort. Carlton.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/01/12 23:27:33 (permalink)
Today The Royal Cafe' had turkey & rice soup. It was TO DIE FOR! Sam, another regular there (he is one of two people to hold the record of eating there three times in one day, something I intend soon to equal and then break!), remarked "Think of how good it'll be tomorrow!"
I can't wait!
Kelli also made a beef vegetable soup that is down to its end dregs by now. Stunning stuff; nothing like that ever saw the inside of a can....
When the cold front finally moves through and we get a nippy day or three, Kelli promises to make a batch of chili. I'm going to entice her to do it "Travis style" after one of the great cooks that once worked at The Normaltown Cafe: Travis made a batch of chili that made everyone sweat it was so hot... but - wonder of wonders - it was balanced! There were ten gazillion flavours in there. I still daydream about that chili....
Souperbly, Ort. Carlton in Stewpendous Athens, Georgia.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/01/13 00:56:45 (permalink)
My all-time favorite remains Campbell's Tomato Beef Noodle O's. I know it's been off the market for 30+ years, but I still remember toting a Thermos of it to school in the winter for lunch. I tried to replicate it a few years ago, but it wasn't the same.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/02/28 00:20:15 (permalink)
Since this is a site about roadfood, I think all of you here that share the same love I have for roadfood should take a trip down to Curacao, in the Netherlands Antilles. It's roadfood heaven! You should definitely try the iguana soup (sopi di yuwana) with "funchi" which is corn-meal mush, and also the iguana stew. For those with a significant other, the iguana will be especially nice since it's an aphrodisiac. You can find the recipe online.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/03/17 10:55:03 (permalink)
I love a good cream of broccoli soup
carlton pierre
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/03/17 19:31:14 (permalink)
My favorite all-time soup is a lobster bisque (does a bisque count) that I had a place north of Pittsburgh called The Saxonburg Inn, a very old historic place. That's about all there is in the town. I've never had a soup, or a bisque, to compare.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/03/21 15:38:18 (permalink)
Sammy's in Baton Rouge (just off LSU campus) has a duck and andoulle gumbo that is maybe the best gumbo in the world.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/04/02 01:33:12 (permalink)
World's best soup is got to the chicken soup (with all its permutations). My personal favorite is called Hae Jang Guk, a spicy korean beef based soup with all the part of a cow you would see on fear factor. It is considered to be a hang over cure. After a night on the town, nothing better.

BTW, which cusine has the best soups, its got to be the koreans. Everything from cold cumcumber soup to very hot and spicy soup made with black suasage.

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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/04/02 17:28:48 (permalink)
Best restaurant soup:
Mushroom Soup Cappuccino
Puree of fresh grilled mushrooms topped
with frothed milk and served with a brown
butter-shiitake mushroom biscotti.

This rich, wondrous concoction is at ISIS, in the Luxor Hotel/casino in Las Vegas. It'll make your knees buckle.

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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/04/02 18:13:04 (permalink)
Lobster bisque at any of a number of places along the Maine Coast.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/04/02 18:46:06 (permalink)
With all due respect to those who favored the pea soup at Pea Soup Anderson's in California, I found their soup to be really run-of-the-mill, and not at all exciting or extraordinary. Then again, I may have been distracted by their shrines to Ronald Reagan that adorned the place. However, I really feel that my own home-made pea soup is light years beyond what I was served at the Anderson's location near Santa Barbara.

Now, even though it is a chain operation, I do want to extol the virtues of the Triple Squash soup that I had today at Whole Foods. It contained (I think) Acorn, Hubbard, and some other kind of winter squash. It was nicely sweet from the caramelized onions that were also prominent in the soup. Very thick and absolutely luscious!
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/04/12 10:53:06 (permalink)
There's a little Restuarant in West Allis, Wi. Lemke's. There chef makes I believe around 65 differant kinds of soup's. He changes these daily. Some of which I've had include: East Prussan Garlic & Potato, Austrain Sauerkraut, Rumanian Cabbage, Chicken Gumbo, Leek & Potato, Austrain Green Bean. but he's always has two on a day. Good food, priced right!
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/04 01:59:58 (permalink)
Oh, there are so many. Soup is my favorite thing. If the question is soup or Salad, salad is never the answer.

The turtle soup at Commander's was mentioned and it's fabulous. So is the Creamed Onion soup that I had for breakfast at Brennan's while there.

My mother's chicken soup and matzoh balls, of course...

Anderson's split pea, She crab that I had in Charleston near the slave market, the lobster bisque at Bizou here in Sherman Oaks, CA. I love all gumbo as long as it's not greasy and I make a killer gumbo that won me 2 trips to New Orleans, mulagatawny or however it's spelled and lastly there is a small roadside Thai restaurant here at home in Marina del Rey that makes a coconut chicken that melts in your mouth.

Then again, I even love some of the Soup Plantation's soups like their cream of mushroom, gumbo and corn chowder.

Can you tell I love soup? There's a Brazilian restaurant here that makes some sort of a white corn soup that they swear has no dairy in it. To die for!
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/06 06:49:14 (permalink)
One of the best soups I've ever had is the TOMATO-ARTICHOKE soup at Rembrandt's in Chattanooga. We visited Chattanooga last week and went twice for lunch just to have the soup. I would love the recipe.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/14 18:16:13 (permalink)
~**~Creamy Squash Soup~**~
Paula Deen~Food Network
**Yummy & sooooo Easy**

2 pounds butternut squash, halved, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1-inch pieces
1 1/2 cups diced onion
2 carrots, peeled and diced
3 (13 3/4-ounce) cans chicken broth
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup light cream or heavy cream
Sour cream, for garnish

In a medium saucepan, combine squash, onion, carrots, broth and salt. Simmer, uncovered, until squash is very tender, about 40 minutes. Puree soup in a blender or food processor with the butter. Whisk cream into soup. Serve in wide, shallow bowls with a dollop of sour cream, if desired.

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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/14 19:21:57 (permalink)
The corn chowder at Ellendales in Nashville. Spicy and different
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/14 19:32:31 (permalink)
Originally posted by Tedbear

Well, I don't want to sound immodest, but I have been told that my homemade Gazpacho is the best. I use my own organically-grown tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from my garden. Chop the ingredients by hand, blend in some good extra-virgin olive oil, some balsamic vinegar, some sea salt and freshly ground pepper, serve with a good crusty bread, and you've got an ideal summer dinner. Most people finish at least two, and sometimes three bowls of my Gazpacho.
Sounds great
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/16 07:15:04 (permalink)
Grandpap's veggie soup.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/20 12:48:57 (permalink)
all my soups are the greatest. Only because of the pride I have and love of cooking
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/20 13:12:42 (permalink)
the snapper soup at mastoris diner in bordentown nj pea soup at andersons in solvaag ca matza ball soup at harolds ny deli edison nj fish chowder at no name in boston im on a sodium restricted diet and soups are loaded
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/27 22:08:44 (permalink)
Maryland Crab Soup
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/27 23:05:13 (permalink)
Clam chowder and lobster bisque.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/05/28 00:53:19 (permalink)
My Mom's bean soup. 'Michigan' navy beans with ham hocks (among other things) in it for flavor. Must get that recipe before she goes to the 'Great Soup Kitchen' in the sky.

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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/06/01 18:09:07 (permalink)

You can make the world's best soup: Just follow James Beard's famous chicken soup recipe he calls "My Chicken Soup That Cures." Sorry I don't remember which of his books has the recipe, but I am sure it can be tracked down easily.

The reason this is the world's best soup is Beard starts with the world's best chicken stock. The essence of the stock is in using two chickens. You make the stock as you normally would do with the usual aromatic vegetables and herbs. The main difference here is that you are only half way to the completion of your broth. discard aromatics. Debone chicken and start the whole process again with fresh chicken and aromatics.

Does it really "cure"? I think so, but don't wait until you're sick to try this true delight.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/06/18 10:07:09 (permalink)
Originally posted by jerseygirl127

ok--that's a tough one for me.. can soup would have to be traditional chicken and noodle (campbells of course) but out.... pepper pot at alley oops in elkhart indiana;french onion soup at a place near where i went to school- lawrenceville nj and-- any new england clam chowder in <B style="color:black;background-color:#A0FFFF">rhode island</B>!!
otherwise i don't really have a favorite .. but those would have to be at the top of the list....
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/06/18 10:12:42 (permalink)
There is nothing like homemade Portuguese soup for me. Casa Brazil in East Providence, Rhode Island is a Brazilian restaurant that makes the best Portuguese soups from scratch. Check out their website at
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/07/04 13:04:44 (permalink)
We live in northern fresno and drive down to the tower district just for Golden's Hot and Sour soup. And I loved the Cream of pinto bean soup at Goodbody's pub. Now, i make most of my own soups - i love making shrimp bisque.
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/07/06 15:57:33 (permalink)
I love a good, homemade baked potato soup... mmmmmm delicious and creamy with chewy bits of bacon and crunchy scallions... little slivers of cheddar oozing off of my spoon... soft, hearty potatoes, and richness of sour cream... YUMMY!!!

As for restaurant soups, I had a DELICIOUS French onion soup in (guess where!!!) France! I feel so bad for not knowing the name of the quaint outdoor restaurant in the Louvre area, but I will NEVER forget the way the crusty baguette soaked up that rich, fragrant broth, or the way I didn't care at all how badly my mouth was burned by the steaming soup. When you see that string of chewy, creamy melted cheese traling from the bowl and attached to your spoon, you remember why you keep burning yourself, and it doesn't seem like such a high price to pay for a piping hot, mouth-watering bowl of perfection!

The she-crab soup at Sky's Restaurant in Kansas City is worth an honorable mention, considering the place is nowhere near the coast, but somehow delivers a fresh, delicious bowl of dilectable goodness every time!
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RE: The world's BEST soup ? 2005/07/06 16:08:57 (permalink)
Although it is chain restaurant soup, I have to say my favorite is Chicken Pot Pie soup from Lonestar Steakhouse. It even comes with flaky and tasty pieces of crust floating in soup itself. YUM!
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