4 days in Williamsburg VA

BBQ Barney
2003/04/16 21:00:04
We need more roadfood stops than Pierces Pitt BBQ and The College Deli--any ideas? delete 4-27-03----too late!

John from Pa.
Junior Burger
RE: 4 days in Williamsburg VA 2003/04/17 07:21:01
This is one situation where we stray from the Roadfood listing.
The meals at the taverns at Colonial Williamsburg are fun from a historical context and the food is good, too. You don't need a CW pass to get in, but plan ahead to eat at off hours or make reservations. Lunch at Chownings is casual food - try the brunswick stew with the crusty rolls and a mug of cider. The others have a little more "formal" menu although dress is whatever you are wearing to play tourist. There is designated parking for the taverns only, but getting a spot may be difficult most of the peak times!
RE: 4 days in Williamsburg VA 2003/04/17 16:59:54
Shields Tavern was terrific-even freshly brewed beer made especially for them.
I was there in March 2003-my advice is to check the website for which of the 4 different taverns is open-not all are open together until you get into the deep summer months.
Visit the Peanut Shop for goodies and Smithfield ham.
The Trellis is highly recommended (but $$$), but a power outage prevented us from going.
It is owned by "Death by Chocolate" author Marcel Desaulniers.
Also, remember you do not need to buy the day pass to access the shops and restaurants.
We arrived at 1:30PM and made the final lunch serving at Shield's Tavern.
Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: 4 days in Williamsburg VA 2003/04/17 20:58:21
If you are coming from the South to get there, a pitstop at King's Barbecue in Petersburg, Virginia is an absolute necessity. It is on the west side of town, and reconnection with the Interstate is a cinch. This is arguably the last outpost of real barbecue heading north, although doubtless some place in Richmond and maybe even in Fredericksburg is worthy of some marginal consideration.
There are several good brewpubs in the Williamsburg area, if we may from there leak into Norfolk and adjacent places. Richmond as well has decent local beer.
Hungrily AND Thirstily, Ort. Carlton.