Goldrush Bars

Junior Burger
2004/06/04 20:42:18
Does anyone remember Goldrush (it might have been Gold Rush) Bars? They were ice cream bars roughly in the shape of a Snickers bar. I believe they came in packages of six and made a variety of flavors. The ones I remember most were the peanut butter ones. It was vanilla ice cream (I think) with a generous bar of peanut butter on the top. The whole thing was coated with chocolate. My best guess was that they made them in the late 80's - early 90's. I did a quick search on the web for them, but it came up empty. I absolutely loved these, but they seem to have been completely forgotten. There was something about that mostly frozen, but not totally hard, layer of PB that made them amazing. I think maybe they had a caramel flavor too. My family bought them all the time, and they lasted a few years so someone else had to have eaten them. Does anyone share these memories?