when it will be avaliable!

Junior Burger
2004/06/13 00:50:21
i was just wondering when the Black Walnut ice cream is going to be shipped to the stores.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: when it will be avaliable! 2004/06/13 11:06:59

First of all, Welcome to Roadfood. Glad to see you post here. As far as the seasonal flavors of ice cream I think it depends on where you are and what companies produce seasonal flavors in your area. I can buy Breyer's Peach Flavor all year long...but the real Fresh Peach won't be in some of the speciality stores here until early July. (thats in the Louisville area).
I hope someone will respond about the seasonal nature of Black Walnut...I've only seen it in the "Factory-Flavors".
RE: when it will be avaliable! 2004/06/13 11:44:24
Hey there,

You could check "Kaleidoscoops" Ice cream shops. There are a few in Texas and you can visit their web site (www.kaleidoscoops.com)to see if there is one near you. I ran one of the shops here in California and Black walnut is available year-round. Oh, and the quality is very high. I 'll resist the temptation to do a commercial right now and just say that you won't be disappointed.