Martinsburg, WV

Junior Burger
2004/06/16 16:04:06
Soon, I will be traveling from NYC to Martinsburg, WVa, which is near Harpers Ferry and Cumberland MD. Any spots I should not miss?
RE: Martinsburg, WV 2004/06/16 17:37:33
This is where I spent my honeymoon 15 years ago

At the time they had an excellent buffet at all 3 meals,looking at their website looks like they dont have that anymore.But between the awesome view and the general charm of the place,its at least worth a visit,maybe a meal or an overnight stay.The most breathtaking vista on the Shenandoah/Potomac rivers I know of.

RE: Martinsburg, WV 2004/06/18 09:42:42
If you don't mind going a little bit out of your way try a stop at "Lot 12" in Berkley Springs, WV. It is right downtown in an old house just off route 9. The food, service and ambiance are just great. The second place is the "Park and Dine" in Hancock. One of the best roadfood places in the country. Have a good trip. Cheers.

RE: Martinsburg, WV 2004/06/18 15:26:16
My parents live just outside of Martinsburg, so I have eaten out in the area a number of times. Sad to say, most of the local restaurants are of the Ryan's-Cracker Barrel-Applebee's variety, large chains with little to recommend them or differentiate them from one another. There are, however, a few worthwhile eating experiences. Among them are

Casa Gonzales, 1359 Edwin Miller Blvd. (Rt. 9) - My first reaction when I saw this place was "A Mexican restaurant in West Virginia? Yeah, right, how good can that be?" Well, the answer is, pretty doggone good. Try the very good pork carnitas if they are available. I have also ordered, and was pleased with, the chicken with mole' sauce. I have been to good Mexican restaurants in Washington D.C. and in the Southwestern U.S., and to this gringo, the fare here is comparable. Good, inexpensive food.

Hoss's, also on Edwin Miller Blvd. (Rt. 9) - This is one of a regional chain based primarily in Pennsylvania. The way this place works is that you pay a set price for your entree, and you get all of the soup, salad, bread and dessert that you want. You can also pay 5 or 6 bucks for just the soup, bread, salad and dessert bars, an option that my kids and parents choose, and are quite happy with. The entree to order here is steak (I've been disappointed whenever I've ordered anything else). It's tender, tasty and cooked to order. Although the quality of the beef is not what you would find at a premium steak house like Peter Lugar's or a Morton's of Chicago, neither are the prices. Whereas a 16 oz. steak costs about 12-13 dollars here and the big 28 oz. porterhouse will set you back about 19 dollars, steaks of the same sizes at a premium steak house will run about 20-40 dollars, with no sides included.

Season's Best, 851 East Moler Ave. - Although this is essentially a seafood market, they will cook what they sell for you to eat either on one of the few tables in their establishment, in your car or at home. I think they also have a limited number of side dishes, such as cole slaw, rolls and french fries. Not cheap, but the seafood is of good quality, especially the large hard shell crabs.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Martinsburg, WV 2004/06/18 15:43:40
A more upscale albeit West Virginia-affordable haunt is nearby Shepherdstown, WV's famed Yellow Brick Bank restaurant (see: Once a favorite of former First Lady Nancy Reagan, the "Bank" is located just 8 miles east of Martinsburg on Route 45 in a great, small university town (