Food Festivals

2003/04/18 13:13:54
I would love to strategically plan a month long road trip that would allow me to attend as many Food Festivals as possible sometime this year or next. Chili, Barbeque, Sausage, Beer, Shrimp, etc...
Would anyone know of a place on the web where a guy can get a comprehensive list of festivals held around the country.
Filet Mignon
RE: Food Festivals 2003/04/18 13:29:51
Here's one. Happy Trails.
Matchstick Man
Junior Burger
RE: Food Festivals 2003/04/18 15:48:09
A few days ago, I sent the webmaster for RoadFood a suggestion that "fairs and festivals" would make a good forum of its own. Oh well.

Junior Burger
RE: Food Festivals 2003/08/08 02:27:25
Hello all, this is for you, MoBob...

There is a free newsletter called "Fairs, Festivals and Other Oddities" aka FFOO sent out through the following link:

It is published weekly, and you can read a sample issue right off the site. The only drawback is they do insert "ads" throughout the newsletter. A bit annoying, but hey, that's how they make their money. The newsletter is straight type, no html, so it's a quick load and a fast read. They focus on upcoming events, so you may want to save the ones of interest for next year's trip too!

Hope this helped anyone interested, this forum is awesome..
Go Foodies Go!