Mio's Pizza in Cincy and ?VA?

TJ Jackson
2004/07/02 09:01:37
My personal favorite pizza place in town is a small and mostly local chain called[url='http://www.miospizza.com']Mio's[/url]. They serve an excellent thin crust pizza as well as a Chicago style "stuffed" pizza that many transplanted Chicagoans I know (my company is based in Chicago) have deemed to be very near the quality they'd get from the top Chicago pizza places like Giordanos.

That said, they have a few locations in Richmond and Mechanicsville VA as well, according to their website. Has anyone been to one of these? How are they?
RE: Mio's Pizza in Cincy and ?VA? 2008/09/18 19:50:16
Looks like the VA locations are no longer listed...oh well, it's their loss. I've eaten at the Lebanon OH Mio's a couple of times and I like it; the last time I was there we had a meat lover's pizza and a pepperoni & mushroom:

TJ Jackson
RE: Mio's Pizza in Cincy and ?VA? 2008/09/18 20:36:06
wow.....4 years from post to first response :-)