Trip Report- Buffalo, New England, etc.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2004/07/08 14:55:08
I had some business in New England, but decided to take the whole family with me. We left on Father's Day (June 20) and returned back to Illinois on the 27th. We went to Niagara Falls (20th), Boston (21st) Mystic, CT, (22nd-25th), Hershey, PA (26) and spent a night in Cleveland before getting home.

We stopped at Eckl's for beef-on-Weck in Buffalo, Pizzeria Regina in Boston, and in Connecticut we hit Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, Bill's Seafood, Ted's Cheeseburgers, Louis Lunch, Super Duper Weenie, Sea Swirl and Mystic Pizza. In Cleveland, we went to a place called Lemmy's (from the Holly Eats webpage) that was terrible-don't go. It must have changed hands since Holly Moore reviewed it. If you have any questions about these places, fire away, but I don't really have time today to write a comprehensive report.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Trip Report- Buffalo, New England, etc. 2004/07/08 15:17:36
Which CT Cheeseburger did you like best? I am completely addicted to Ted's and have Louis' on my "to eat" list. Unfortunately, since graduating from grad school I don't get down to New Haven as much as I used to.

I would also love to hear your opinion on Abbott's - It seems people either love it or hate it. I have only been once and since I don't eat seafood (hubby is a seafood maniac - that's why I was there) it did nothing for me. Hubby thought it was overpriced and not that good tasting. I suppose if all you are getting is boiled lobster it can't be that bad - how do you mess that up?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Trip Report- Buffalo, New England, etc. 2004/07/08 16:00:27
Both burgers were excellent. As a burger aficionado, Louis' is like going to the Mecca of the American burger, and it is a great burger, served in a creepy church-like atmosphere. Ted's, however, is one of the better burgers that my wife and I have ever had. We drove there from Mystic for dinner, and it was well worth it. It immediately is one of the top 3 burger places that I've been to- It was the juiciest burger, and the roll and the cheese make it close to perfect. I can see how easy it is to become addicted. That place is a classic.

We liked Abbott's. The atmosphere is outstanding, and we'll always remember it for the fact that it was my son's first lobster. The lobster bisque was good, and the lobster seemed fine, but the lobster roll that we had at Bill's Seafood was better. Keep in mind that this is the first lobster shack that we've been to in New England, so we don't have a lot to compare it to. I will say that I have had better lobster at other places, and the stuffed clams were a bit gooey. One thing that was particularly outstanding there was the strawberry shortcake.
RE: Trip Report- Buffalo, New England, etc. 2004/07/09 14:18:33
I live in Mystic. Abbott's does have a great atmosphere, but it does rankle the locals to pay those prices for lobster on paper plates while you fend off the aggressive sea gulls. I'd say aside from the atmosphere, it's no better or worse than other lobster pounds. Also, there are very few options for the non-lobster-eaters in your crowd.

A cheaper spot which also has great atmosphere is right next door -- "Costello's" (it's owned by the same folks...)Their menu is more of the clam-shack variety. There are burgers, scallops, chicken, chowder, fries, clams, lobster roll, that sort of thing. The eating deck is second-story, which gives a great view of the Mystic River.

Nearby(also in Noank)is a tavern called the Seahorse that serves a very good pub menu -- terrific sandwiches and burgers, soups, and salads. Their more formal dinner menu doesn't do much for me, but the pub grub is great. An ideal place for a "cheeseburger in paradise".