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Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/03/16 19:56:27
I love peggy lawtons brownies and cookies. We use to live right next to the company on 259 washington st. It was nice to wake up to the smell of fresh baking bread in the morning. We use to get them all the time that and bubble gum slushies. I just had one I havent had a brownie in 14 years! My sisters husband just came back from a navy duty in boston and got some for us. Thats one thing that hasnt change the taste! Good for the people who are still around and making those little tastes of delight. Does aanyone know if peggy lawtons have a website? if so let me know so I wont let another 14 years pass by. :)
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/03/21 20:52:03
Jen26 you used to live next to the factory? I live on June street! On the opposite side of the factory. I've lived here for 21 years and never get tired of that smell of cookies and brownies baking! And there is no specific website for the company, but there are various websites that distribute the products.
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/04/26 17:32:27
I adore these cookies. I've been eating these since high school back in the 70's in Philly. We still refer to them as "Goretti" cookies. My friends at lunchtime and I would buy them and get ice cream squares and put it between the cookies. Still do it all these years later.
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/05/29 13:05:50
Peggy Lawton ChocoChip cookies are by far my favorite cookies overall. They are crunchy and perfect dipped in milk.

I am 20 years old. I grew up in Everett, MA but now live in Lowell.

I would get the 3 pack of cookies every day from the Lil' Peach convenience store. $0.34ea or 3 for a dollar, some places were 2/$1. Today that Lil'Peach sells the for $0.59ea, I have even seen them for $0.85ea. D'Moula's Market Basket (supermarket) still sells them 3/$1 and that price is about the same as if I bought the 12pack from BJ's Wholesale Club.

I do not often see Peggy Lawton in vending machines, but when I do, I am ecstatic, because in vending machines are the only place I have ever seen their ChocoChip cookies in a package of 2 cookies that are much larger than the cookies in the 3 pack.

I am a huge fan of these cookies. If I could, I would end every meal with a 3pack.

Thanks for posting on this topic!!
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/06/11 17:42:52

Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/06/29 11:39:03
okay so I lived in MA for most of my life and I LOVE Peggy Lawton. I moved to DC and have missed them greatly. Since I talk about them all the time my partner found ot how to order them and got me some for my birthday!! I know order them from the bakery all the time. If you too would like to order them all you need to do is call the bakery at 800-843-7325 and they will send them out to you right away!!! it is a little more expensive due to the shipping but it is so worth it! They are always really nice on the phone too.
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/08/12 11:55:30
Huge fan of Peggy Lawton cookies. Used to live in MA and RI and had them all the time, but now I live outside Chicago and have been craving them. I had a camper when I was a camp counselor who said she used to get boxes of "reject" cookies because she had someone in the family who worked for the company... what I wouldn't give for one of those!

Anyway, I'm heading back to the area around labor day and need to find them and stock up... who has the best selection? I like the butter crunch almost as much as the choco-chip and want to go somewhere where the selection is good and varied. Any suggestions?
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/08/13 09:17:26
If you want to find both the Choco-Chip and the Butternut, I would suggest finding the nearest D'Moulas Market Basket(supermarket). They usually have all varieties of Peggy Lawton products sold for 3/$1. In the store they would usually be found on thier own wire shelf display in the cookie/cracker/bread isle, or near the chips and soda.

good luck and stock up!
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/09/30 16:47:52
Just in case someone is still interested: you can get PL products in Stop and Shop and Shaws supermarkets - at least here in Massachusetts. They are usually two for a dollar, but are occasionally on sale for about .43. I get the brownies for my Mom, and I used to get the cookies off a canteen truck years ago.
Dave A
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/11/20 16:39:40
I haven't checked this thread in quite a while. Peggy Lawton cookies are still my favorite store-bought for sure. Someone mentioned about putting ice cream between a couple of cookies. That sounds good. Thinking too ... how about taking a few packs of your favorite PG's, crushing them up and making a crust with them for an ice cream pie. On the idea of a graham cracker crust.

I'm salivating.
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2007/11/20 23:50:13
Oh, my gawd! I wish I'd read this thread before I took my trip back east. I had totally forgotten about those yummy Peggy Lawton chocolate chip cookies soaked in milk. Yes, the hint of salt made them extra-tasty, plus the cookies were simply fresh and wholesome, no hint of any weird uberprocessed tastes.

Gotta order some. Thanks to all who posted the phone number for mail order!!!!!!!

Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2008/01/21 12:39:27
I found this site cause we were looking for nutritional information on the Peggy Lawton Brownies. Well, I used the 800# that was posted and called them.
In one brownie there is:
250 calories
100 calories from fat
11g fat
4 g saturated fat
1g trans fat
5 cholestoral
120 mg sodium
35 carbs
1 fiber
28 sugar
2 protien
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2008/02/23 13:27:10
I'm fortunate to have a dad who sends me care packages. Peggy Lawton Fudge Brownie and Choco Chip Cookies are particular favorites. However, when I was a kid, I'd spread peanut butter between the oatmeal cookies. Yum!

I have one caution for you all. The cost of Peggy Lawton product are really low at supermarkets and big box stores. Some stores limit the varieties. My dad goes to two different stores to build my care package. He is able to pack an $8.95 US Post Office Flat rate box with 3 pack of 12 cookies and 2 brownie packs. That's under $25 total. So, avoid auction sites that sell a couple of 12 packs for $20! It's better to call the 800 number and order there.

Other things my Dad includes: Table Talk Pies, Drakes Cakes, and Cheez Waffies.
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2008/02/23 14:53:40
I used to love the PL Oatmeal cookies; had one for a mid-morning snack every day at work 30 years ago. I think I ought to give 'em a try again, just to see if they make me feel 25 again.
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2008/10/23 15:19:47
The Peggy Lawton Oatmeal cookies are good.It is hard to find a good Oatmeal cookie.There are plenty of good chocolate chip cookies but Oatmeal cookies are nearly impossible to find.
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2008/10/23 15:23:25
I live in DC all my life. if you go to any street vendor who sell hot dogs you can find PL Cookies.
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2008/10/23 17:29:57
they are awesome you can find them at Restaraunt Depot in South Plainfield nj I buy them all the time oatmeals, choc chips, and brownies
Junior Burger
RE: FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2009/03/16 16:59:08

The Boston Globe recently published this feature story (and video) about Peggy Lawton cookies:

Junior Burger
Re:FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2009/04/16 16:29:32
It's amazing that the same great cookies have been virtually unchanged for 60 years! Delicious since day 1!
For all of you out there that don't live in the North East, is a great source for the Peggy Lawton cookies and brownies. They also have an impressive selection of other classic New England food favorites...
Junior Burger
Re:FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2009/05/24 00:15:41
Hi! My first post here. I just wanted to say that I've been eating Peggy Lawton brownies and choc. chip cookies for over 50 years! My mother worked in a restaurant in Boston and they used to have a display of them and they were my favorite things. Once in a while the distributor would have an extra box and she would buy them for me,  and that was one of the most special treats because we didn't have much money and I didn't have to share them.
I was delighted to see them at Costco recently and immediately felt nostalgic.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2011/02/07 19:37:19
Here's a better link for the aforementioned, two-minute 2009 Boston Globe video piece on Peggy Lawton cookies: . In addition, late last month, Boston's ABC-TV affiliate (WCVB-TV) ran a six-minute "Made in New England" feature on the "cookie that graced a million lunchboxes" and which can be viewed online here: . FYI.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:FANS of PEGGY LAWTON COOKIES ?? 2011/02/08 14:19:09
Never had them, so I may just have to order some from
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